It wasn’t too long ago when the word, app, was not part of our daily vocabulary. Now, however, apps are part of business and personal life with many wondering how they could function without them. There now seems like there is an app for everything, truly changing how we live and work and often blurring the lines in-between.

Among the examples of apps listed in the article was Due for its ability to offer a digital wallet and payment processing capability to help people who are running small businesses more effectively manage payments and their cash flow. The article noted how technology has been able to simplify our lives but that it has also added complexity and will continue to do so as we and technology continue to evolve separately and in relation to each other.

You can read the original Part of App Evolution article here.

Digital wallets, like the overall app industry, is becoming common practice. To learn more about how they work, check out our blog category on digital wallets.