From freelancers and startup founder to established small businesses, it’s important to have an efficient invoicing process. This process can get bills sent to customers and clients in a way that get these paid quickly. That way, cash flow is maximized to help a business pay bills or have the capital to expand the company’s capabilities. More companies offer online invoicing solutions that minimize time and money invested in the invoicing process while speeding payment.

Business2Community compiled a list of the top online invoicing companies. Due topped the list of 10 invoicing solutions for small business. Cited as the reasons for this top spot were that the invoicing software is easy to learn and use, its personalization and customization capabilities, and ability to capture and track expenses, credit card processing, and money transfers. It also offers a low flat rate for processing credit cards.

Other invoicing companies listed include

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Besides just offering a software solution, Due also focuses on providing valuable content that can help small business owners make the most informed business decisions. One of the main topics it offers is invoicing tips that enhance what you can do with the software and how you approach the invoicing process.