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Millennials Know How to be Prepared

Updated on January 17th, 2022
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As Millennials, we’re growing up in a different world than our parents grew up in. They didn’t have the same technology, diversity, and mindset that we do. That being said, the world we live in — is in some ways tougher than the world our parents grew up in. We’re gunning for straight A’s, internships starting as early as high school, as well as extracurriculars to help us prepare for college — that’s how we work to be prepared in this strange new world, especially post covid, and recurring covid.

Millennials Know How to be Prepared

We do all this preparing, including having so many extras on our schedules, because we have to prepare for the future differently. Even our parents can feel that the future is more difficult than we all anticipated it would be — and they want us to be ready. Our parents do recognize the pressure on us in this generation, telling us we must be prepared. So we prepare like no other generation before – for college, graduate school, and full-time work. Some may disagree, but it’s pretty clear the Millennials know how to be prepared.

Preparation for college

Millennials know how to be prepared – especially for college. Today if you want to get into a good school, you’ll have to put in the work. Millennials know this, so we start early. We engage in sporting events, service projects, volunteer groups, and clubs.

Yes, we love the sports, service, and most other things that we participate in. Sometimes, though, it’s all about prepping for college. We want to stand out and be different from the crowd. We’re special, and we know it — we just have to prove it.

Academics and standardized testing help us show our intelligence and capabilities, while extracurriculars add that cherry on top.

Even while we’re in college, we’re preparing to perform better academically by learning how to study and how we retain information. Millennials are hard workers, and that hard work teaches us millennials to know how to be prepared.

As Millennials, we may be preparing for, going through, or have already graduated college. College is a fantastic part of our lives, but college is to teach us and prepare us. The value of an education can’t be stressed enough, and we know that. You have seen several generations now obtaining college degrees. Still, now, you see millennials being pushed beyond college degrees to graduate work and post-doctorate — all while doing other stuff — sports, internships, and service projects.

We prepare early and well. This is why you see millennials paving the way for their families by attending some of the best universities in the United States, or abroad.

Millennials know how to be prepared because we learn early. We look at the generations before us and understand what they did well and what we would change. We keep in the good and learn from the mistakes made along the way. We’re wise – because we learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others — and the other generations aren’t going to let us forget it! The “watchers” can help us stay focused if we let them.

Preparing for a career

As millennials learn throughout college, we have a better understanding of how to be prepared for the real world. We perform well in classes, then go the extra mile by getting real experience at an early age.

I had my first internship when I was 15, which helped me prepare for future roles and other aspects of life. These early working experiences – whether it be at a fast food shop or a marketing agency, teach us how to work in the real world.

Sometimes in school, you can do lazy work to still get good grades. But, we do our very best work in the real world because we know that it has an impact. Working at a business, or building companies teaches us grit, social skills, and professionalism.

These work experiences introduce us to mentors, open doors for future opportunities, and make us the millennials we are proud to be.

Finding mentors is a huge part of our development as millennials, as well as in the workforce. As millennials, we seek out correction because we want to do better.

We seek challenges and obstacles to overcome. We know that these won’t be fun, but we know that they make us better. Millennials know how to be prepared because they are motivated to get better — and get better, now. This mentality helps us grow in academics, careers, and every other aspect of our lives. 

We understand that the older generations are willing to help us, and we repay them by helping and mentoring younger generations. We learn, we grow, and we improve – in that order. Seeking mentors and being humble enough to look for mistakes we’ve made allows us to improve at an accelerated rate. 

Preparing for life outside a career

Millennials know how to be prepared for college, careers, and life in general. Our generation feels very strongly about having a work-life balance. We understand that there’s more to life than work, even if we find fulfillment and joy in our careers.

Some millennials want to get married and start a family. Others want to go out to bars and enjoy our young years while we can. We understand the lessons we learn from school, professional life, or other places can overlap. We learn tenacity from school, humility from professional life, and determination from sports or other extracurriculars.

Millennials know how to be prepared because we know the future we want. We set goals for the upcoming week, month, and year. We aren’t as worried about being anything; we’re more worried about becoming something. The idea of becoming the best version of ourselves is what drives us.

Goal setting is where all the magic happens for us. Even if we’re not sitting down and writing our goals out and tracking them, we still have goals.

We know what we want in our future and work to get there. Millennials understand that this means we have to work daily to get to where we want to be. We look for tools and resources to help us along the way — and use these tools to get the most value out of all resources.

The combination of grit, consistency, and working towards a tangible goal makes our generation different. Yes, we have our flaws, but we’re motivated and smart. We shoot for the stars and many times pass them. Millennials know how to be prepared because we’re different from any other generation. We are who we are, and we are becoming the best versions of ourselves. 


Millennials know how to be prepared for multiple aspects of life. We’re still learning; we’re still growing. However, as we prepare for college, careers, and life outside of work, we are becoming.

Every day we get better to continue the evolution of ourselves. As millennials, we’re prepared. We’re hard workers. We’re different. 

Matt Rowe

Matt Rowe

Matt Rowe is currently working on his Bachelors Degree in Marketing. He grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley where he was able to network around some of the top technical minds. He lived blocks away from Steve Jobs and was able to witness the transformation of the Bay Area to one of the strongest technical scenes on the planet.

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