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20 Low-Stress In-Person and Remote Jobs for Seniors and Retirees

Numerous studies have shown that job-related stress is by far one of the most significant sources of stress for American employees, with a significant number of elderly or those over 50 years old being impacted by high-pressure jobs and complex working schedules.

The Economic Policy Institute found that nearly half – 46.1 percent – of those aged 50 and older experience stress due to high-pressure jobs. More worrisome is that roughly 50.6 percent of older workers are currently employed in physically demanding positions, often impacting their near-term and long-term physical or mental well-being.

However, this is a shared problem among most American workers. One recent survey found that a robust 89 percent of employees have reported experiencing severe levels of burnout over the past year.

While there have been some companies that have started introducing more progressive workplace policies to help improve the well-being of workers, for older employees, or those looking to continue working once they’ve stepped into retirement, high-stress occupations are part of a combination of challenges they often experience when deciding to continue working, even after retirement.

Working in retirement: A growing trend among American retirees
Despite the meager support many employees often encounter in terms of finding work-life balance and having better autonomy over their schedules, many seniors, or those ages 65 and older, are planning to work either full-time or part-time in retirement.

One study by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies found that around 57 percent of workers plan to continue working even after retirement.

The decision to continue working comes at a time when most American households are now living paycheck to paycheck as the cost of living continues to rise and labor market conditions begin to slow down.

For many soon-to-be-retired workers, the decision to hold down their current job is often challenged by factors such as their mental and physical well-being and ever-changing labor market conditions due to the rise in technological innovation.

With higher costs and inflation putting pressure on everyone’s budgets, some older workers are planning to capitalize on the digital economy’s evergreen potential to cover everyday expenses during their retirement.

Fortunately, technology and remote working have made it a lot easier and more convenient for skilled retired workers to find a stress-free job that can help bring in a few extra dollars each month.

Low-stress Jobs for Seniors and Retirees

Finding a suitable low-stress job can be easy depending on a person’s existing skills and capacity to hold down new job-related responsibilities. While some of these jobs may often seem demanding from the outside, for some retirees, these jobs may be the perfect solution for those looking to make some extra money or simply keep active.

Low-stress remote jobs

The average hourly pay is $24.41, with a high of $35.58 and a low of $12.98.
Ever wondered how to start a bookkeeping business when you already have the experience and skills? Well, whether you’re thinking of running your side hustle, or working part-time for someone else, digital applications have significantly helped transform and streamline financial services, including bookkeeping, accounting, and tax advisory.

Working in finance can be a suitable choice for retirees or older individuals who have previously worked in the financial sector or have relevant experience. Today, many startups and smaller businesses often hire remote part-time bookkeepers to help keep their books balanced and their accounts paid.

Virtual Assistant

The average hourly pay is $24.40, with a high of $33.89 and a low of $11.54.
Virtual assistants have become one of the most in-demand remote jobs for people looking to make extra money on the side while still having a fairly flexible work schedule. They provide administrative services to companies and individuals without being physically present in the office.

Although being a virtual assistant can be a rewarding part-time or full-time job, many people hiring virtual assistants often require candidates to be computer literate, be available via phone, text, email, or video calls at any given time, and be highly agile, depending on their needs. When looking for virtual assistant jobs, read online reviews and be careful not to expose yourself to malicious scammers taking advantage of job seekers.


The average hourly pay is $27.65, with a high of $43.99 and a low of $13.70.
Despite what many people believe to be true, proofreaders are still in demand across the United States. Sure, many people believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon make these jobs obsolete, but the reality is completely different.

AI technology such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) has made proofreaders’ jobs much more accurate, faster, and effective. By appropriately using these tools, a proofreader can now complete more tasks at once while ensuring the accuracy of texts and using human ingenuity, language skills, and experience to produce high-quality texts or written content.


Average hourly pay: $49.72 per hour, with a high of $118.75 and a low of $10.10 per hour.
Highly skilled individuals in knowledge-based fields can potentially monetize their skills during retirement, working as part-time or full-time consultants. Many people often choose this route as this enables them to choose the clients they want to work with, while still maintaining a flexible working schedule.

Full-time consultants, with several years of experience, can generate substantial income, however, it’s possible to turn this job into a side hustle that will still help you earn a handsome income. A self-employed consultant can work for a range of businesses, including small startups and more traditional brick-and-mortar brands looking to better understand the market dynamics and changing consumer trends.

Online teacher or tutor

The average hourly pay is $26.71, with a high of $77.40 and a low of $8.65.
For the last several decades, online teachers have been in high demand, and this has been due to the introduction of video conferencing tools and digital applications that aid in making the classroom more accessible and connected to more people.

Some teaching and learning centers tend to offer online teaching or tutoring positions, which can be a wonderful part-time job for retired educators. Additionally, it’s possible to be employed by a school or language center outside of the United States, especially in countries where English is taught as a second language. Before applying to any sort of online teaching job, make sure to read all the requirements carefully and be wary of potentially high-level scams.

Data Entry Operator

The average hourly pay is $19.47, with a high of $28.37 and a low of $11.06.
Data has become one of the most valuable assets any company can have in the modern world. Fortunately, for many people, there is seemingly always work available in data entry and analytics. While the work is often considered more complex and sophisticated, people with the right computer and digital skills can easily find a low-stress job as a data entry operator.

Positions related to this job are often in high demand, so it’s best to ensure that your resume is up to date and that you at least have some experience working in the data field. You can take an online course or take up a few extra classes to learn the basics of working with data, as this may help improve your chances of finding a suitable gig while still enjoying the rest of your retirement.

Content or Copywriter

The average hourly pay is $40.46, with a high of $99.52 and a low of $13.70.
Similar to proofreaders, content, and copywriters are still in demand despite the threat of AI potentially making these jobs obsolete. Due to the increasing number of businesses moving to the online digital space, many often require the assistance of experienced writers to compile human-written content for their websites, email newsletters, and social media.

As with many other online and remote positions, content and copywriters must have a strong understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and related content planning skills. To stand out from the crowd, complete an online SEO course or similar beforehand, as this will help you navigate the often complicated world of online digital marketing.


The average hourly pay is $20.19, with a high of $30.05 and a low of $9.38.
While there has been a steady decline in earnings for transcriptionists in recent years partially due to AI replacing these workers, some companies may still be looking for skilled and professional transcriptionists to help them type up recordings and compile documents.

Much of this work will be based on home. While it’s not necessarily a requirement, it’s often important for people interested in this type of role to know the terminology used in each specific project. Projects can range from legal court proceedings to research and interviews, so you will surely be able to learn a lot while working as a transcriptionist.

Again, make sure that you have the necessary hardware to complete the work successfully. This may include a headset, computer, and stable internet connection.

Telehealth Patient Representative

The average hourly pay is $115.14, with a high of $153.85 and a low of $6.73.
A November 2022 report found that around 90 percent of Americans accessed or used telehealth services in the year before. Most of these services include doctor appointments, teledentistry, vision appointments, and general health check-ups.

As technology becomes more apparent and medicine increasingly relies on automated systems to help lighten the burden on the system, telehealth services will play an instrumental part in the coming years. Individuals with a history or experience in the medical field, healthcare, or administration could potentially make a pretty penny working as a telehealth patient representative, helping patients book appointments, or answering their questions during consultations.


Average hourly pay: $28.72 per hour, with a high of $42.79 and a low of $15.87 per hour.
Those individuals with experience in the legal sector and knowledge regarding the legal system will find that working as a paralegal or a paralegal assistant can still be a rewarding and low-stress job opportunity.

Paralegals help to serve as assistants to lawyers, compiling research for legal cases, helping to draft correspondence, and putting records together. People interested in this job will need to have experience already, and the job description would largely depend on the law firm you may be working for, the type of law practice, and the level of qualifications needed.

Low-stress in-person jobs
Pet Sitter

Average hourly pay: $16.05 per hour, with a high of $21.88 and a low of $7.45 per hour.
While this might not seem like one of the most glamorous occupations, pet sitters are becoming an everyday essential service for households that require an in-person sitter to care for their pets. Pet sitters usually care for household pets, ranging from dogs, cats, and fish to tortoises or livestock like chickens, ducks, geese, or goats.

Being a pet sitter can sometimes be a challenging experience, as not all pets will behave in a certain way, and you may be required to commute to people’s homes to care for their pets so as not to disturb their environment. Another general requirement would be having experience with domestic animals and being kind and caring for small creatures.

Library Assistant

The average hourly pay is $18.68, with a high of $27.40 and a low of $8.89.
Being some of the most visited places in any town or college campus, libraries require a lot of hands to assist with people’s queries, looking up books, restocking shelves, and keeping libraries working as well-oiled machines.

Despite the decline in available library assistant positions in recent years, some communities with working and functioning libraries may often still require the help of those within the area to assist with everyday tasks, such as checking in and out books, helping residents, and potentially hosting events.

Office Clerk

The average hourly pay is $17.30, with a high of $23.56 and a low of $10.58.
Have you ever wondered how the more minor and often overlooked tasks in an office are completed? As an office clerk, you will wear many hats, run various errands, and complete various other tasks throughout the day.

From receiving orders, collecting parcels, refilling the printer, stacking reports, and completing other administrative tasks, there is a lot of work that needs to be done around the office, and for people with excellent communication skills and the ability to hold down solid relationships with colleagues, being an office clerk might just be the right fit.

Personal Assistant

The average hourly pay is $23.17, with a high of $40.87 and a low of $10.10.
Working as a personal assistant can be a rewarding opportunity for individuals with strong communication, planning, management, and relationship skills. Many companies still hire personal assistants at various levels. However, due to the introduction of technology, it’s imperative to ensure that you have some computer literacy skills before applying to available positions.

Additionally, while being a personal assistant can be considered a low-stress occupation, some positions may be more demanding in terms of both mental and physical capacity. It’s essential to consider these requirements carefully, as you don’t want to find yourself working as a personal assistant who has to do a lot of heavy lifting or physical activity during the day that can negatively affect your health.

Travel Agent

The average hourly pay is $20.64, with a high of $33.89 and a low of $11.78.
Despite rising airfares and pricey hotels, Americans plan to travel more this year than in 2023. According to a recent consumer survey, roughly 91 percent of participants planned to travel domestically this year, while four in ten planned to travel even more in 2024 than last year. Approximately 50 percent of consumers plan an international trip sometime this year.

Across the board, American consumers are taking to the seas, skies, and roads in droves, and working as a travel agent could be the perfect time to make a bit of extra income. Those individuals with love for travel and working with people will find this job exciting, fun. They will help you connect with new people each day.

Remember that some jobs may require you to work in person, while some have a more flexible remote and hybrid structure. Additionally, you must have computer literacy skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.


Average hourly pay: $16.71 per hour, with a high of $22.12 and a low of $10.10 per hour.
Front desk receptionists can be considered a low-stress occupation, depending on the type of business or company you’re looking to work for. This job typically involves scheduling, assisting customers, answering calls, and overseeing customer queries.

For this role, you must have excellent personal skills, including communication and relationship building. Additionally, computer literacy skills can be an advantage. However, you will most likely receive some in-house training beforehand, as each business will have its own requirements.

Tour Guide

The average hourly pay is $18.81, with a high of $33.41 and a low of $8.41.
With the summer travel season approaching, now might be the perfect time to start looking for a low-stress job as a tour guide for your local council. Many tourist destinations, such as museums, monuments, and other historical sites, will employ tour guides to present educational and informative tours.

As a tour guide, you must have great personal skills, a well-liked personality, the ability to convey a message clearly and be an engaging person who can be on your feet for several hours of the day. As a tour guide, stay fit, exercise, drink plenty of water, and brush up on your history and general knowledge as much as possible.

Brick-And-Mortar Store Assistant

The average hourly pay is $14.59, with a high of $16.83 and a low of $10.10.
Is there a local store in your town that needs an extra pair of hands during the busy seasons or even over weekends? Perhaps you’ve been looking to incorporate more physical activity into your daily routine without overextending yourself. Being an in-store assistant can be a smart and easy way to combine physical and mental activity, helping you stay sharp and active during your retirement.

As an in-store assistant, you will be responsible for various tasks, depending on each store’s requirements. Some tasks may include assisting customers, helping to check out customers, restocking shelves, and receiving deliveries. These positions are usually very personal, so you have great personal and communication skills and a good work ethic.

Customer Service Representative

The average hourly pay is $18.80, with a high of $26.92 and a low of $9.86.
Since the pandemic, many companies have switched to remote work settings for most of their customer service representatives, but a handful of businesses still require these employees to work in-office.

As a customer service representative, you will help callers schedule appointments for various things, including travel doctor bookings, or answer customer queries related to a particular product or service. You will need to be able to multitask occasionally and handle returns, complaints, suggestions, and other administrative tasks.

Jack Of All Trades

The average hourly pay is $28.16, with a high of $66.11 and a low of $7.93.
Do you have a unique set of skills that you can potentially monetize? This can include landscaping, carpentry, masonry, steelworking, sewing, seaming, painting, or organizing. Various people often require you to assist them in completing projects either at their homes or at some businesses.

Make sure to have a collection of references for previous work you’ve done to show people your experience. You can create a small website or even a social media account to attract clients. Make sure that whatever your niche may be, you include various prices and delivery times to inform customers about all the work you can do for them.

Being a Jack of all Trades can easily help you generate some extra money on the side while still being able to do something you enjoy without exerting yourself too much.

Final Thoughts

Today, thousands of retirees are working well into their golden years to make some extra money and stay mentally and physically active. There are multiple opportunities for people willing to work in retirement, including remote and in-person jobs that are low-stress and have minimal professional requirements.

Ensure you brush up on the necessary skills for the job you’re looking to apply for and learn to be comfortable working with technology, including smartphones and computers, where possible, as many jobs require these skills.

Additionally, you can refresh your resume to make it look more appealing to those looking to hire. Be sure to include all relevant experience and skills on your resume. By putting yourself out there, being open to learning, and being willing to adapt to an ever-changing labor market, you can find a low-stress job that you can do during retirement.

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