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How I SuperCharge my Brain

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Covid issues are still going on, with the Delta variant now showing up — and many people are heading back to work — at home again! Heavy pressure is back with school, work, and trying to balance life, and it’s easy to burn out. It’s difficult to stay focused 100% of the time when kids are screaming in the background, dogs barking, and here I sit at an awkward desk in my bedroom.

How I SuperCharge my Brain

I’ve faced these problems before — and I’m sure you have as well. So that’s why in this article, we will go over a few ways I supercharge my brain.


The biggest part for me personally is sleep. Of course, you want to make sure you’re getting enough sleep, but also that you’re getting quality sleep. I start my days at 6:30 am, so I have to make sure to get to bed early.

I typically start my nighttime routine of showering, stretching, and reading around 9:30, if not earlier. Be careful with showering, though, as it can actually interfere with your ability to fall asleep. I make sure that it’s the first part of my routine to combat the issue. If you can’t relax after a shower, try a hot bath.

Afterward, I stretch and do a bit of yoga to release any stress from the day and relax my body. Yoga also tends to be a meditation, and this also helps me fall asleep much quicker and helps me sleep better, deeper.


The last part of my routine is reading a book. Be sure to read an actual book rather than one on your phone, as digital lighting makes it more difficult to fall asleep (as you already know).

Routine is the main point here and it has to be a priority. Even though this routine works for me, your nighttime routine may look a bit different. However, it’s vital to have a routine to get your body and mind ready to sleep. I’ve noticed that once my body goes through these steps, I’m typically able to fall asleep quickly and sleep well throughout the night.

Sleep may not be at the top of your priority list, but it’s one of the best ways to supercharge my brain and for people to recharge in general.

I’ve battled with sleeping disorders in the past, and I’ve learned that supplements and other synthetic methods aren’t the best for me personally. But, if they work for you, use them. Just make sure you don’t become dependent on them.

Try Blanking

If I’m struggling to fall asleep because of stress from the day or worries of tomorrow, I implement something called blanking. Blanking is essentially making your mind blank and not thinking about anything. I try to focus on my breathing and relaxing my body when I blank, and when I do this, I fall asleep in minutes.

Give it a try and build blanking in as part of your nighttime routine — you’ll quickly see tangible results physically and mentally.

Shift gears at work

Even when I get a good night’s rest, there are times at work when it’s tough to stay locked in 100% of the time. We all have long projects to work on, and it’s easy to be tired by the end of the day or the end of the week. Another great way I supercharge my brain is by shifting gears at work. I still stay productive, but I shift what I’m doing to stay fresh throughout the day.

Gear shifting may seem more idealistic than realistic, but if you’re creative, you can find ways to implement this into your day. Maybe you’re working on a project and can’t seem to get around a problem or have run into a wall. Close the laptop and walk around the house or stretch.

Keep your project top of mind.

While walking around, keep in mind the project at hand and on your mind. What’s a new way to look at the issue, or how can you make the process easier? I ask myself these questions frequently, and it helps much more than I thought it would.

These simple mental shifts supercharge my brain consistently and help me finish strong throughout the day.

Sometimes projects are tough and sometimes we just work on things for too long. For example, when I work on market research or anything else for too long, I try to take a step away from the computer if possible or away from the documents I’m working on at the very least. Instead, I’ll go on walks, run up and down the stairs and brainstorm different ways I can solve the project’s problems.

What have I learned?

Sometimes I just think about what I’ve learned or am learning about the research.

I write down ideas in my notebook next to me and implement them throughout the day. I’ve noticed that when I take a step back, I can come to conclusions and construct ideas that I wouldn’t usually be able to. This is because I’m giving certain parts of my brain a rest while activating others. Shifting gears occasionally throughout the workday has been a great way for me to supercharge my brain, and I’m sure it’ll be great for you too.

Have a smart diet

Diet is one of those things people always talk about, but most don’t actually get around to doing better. The fact of the matter is we like food that’s tasty, cheap, and easy to make. Unfortunately, most of the time, those aren’t the most healthy options.

However, small changes to snacks and including certain foods can be a great way to supercharge your brain, as it’s supercharged my brain consistently.

Eating your greens and fruits is great, but you have to add more to your plate. The thing that’s going to keep you full throughout the day is protein. This can come through eggs in the morning and snacks throughout the day.

I try to have a bowl of cashews or other nuts nearby whenever I work. They’re healthy, easy to snack on and keep me going throughout the day.

Some other great options are berries, especially blueberries. Blueberries are known to boost your mind throughout the day. Combined with nuts, they’re a perfect work-in-the-office or work-at-home snack.


We all have mental blockades sometimes and need ways to supercharge our brains and stay fresh. These are just a few ways that I supercharge my brain, and all of these are backed by science.

Give these a shot and see if they help you supercharge your brain throughout the workday and college.

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