Project Management

projections for business ideas

Since you’re making your own schedule, you need to be organized when planning out projects. The last thing you want is taking off to the beach for the day and realizing that you have deadline due that day! On top of keeping you motivated, managing projects can help you keep clients and subcontractors in the loop.

One of the best places to start is by using a calendar that has important deadlines or meeting dates with clients. Google Calendar, for example is a create place to start. There’s also the awesome Sunrise Calendar that you can use on either your mobile device or desktop. Project Management

However, there are robust project management tools like Basecamp, LiquidPlanner, Projecturf, Wrike, and Project Bubble that can help keep you on track with a project. You should also look into to-do-lists apps like Evernote, Wunderlist,, and Todoist to keep your life and work in order.

While you need to manage your projects, don’t forget to schedule time for promoting your brand, touching base with clients, and handling tasks like billing.

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