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3 Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

Updated on November 16th, 2021
While Facebook is great for sharing your latest selfies, catching up with family that lives far away or just peeking in on what the Jones are doing, the Facebook group can be used to help grow your business.

1. You can find media opportunities

Sometimes writers need to quote experts, and find it easier to use Facebook groups to do so. Having a variety of people in different fields at their disposal makes it a convenient way to get responses quickly. While HARO is a great place to get media mentions, sometimes a highly engaged Facebook group can work just as well. You won’t have to pitch to get selected, the requests will just show up in the group. It can be a quicker, more efficient way to give a response.
If a writer makes a request in the group, multiple responses get neatly compiled on one thread. This helps you to give tips that are different from others who participate. You can know right away if the person needs more details too. You can also message a person directly or email people as needed. I was able to give a tip for 50 Ways to Live the Big Life on a Small Budget for through a request posted via Facebook.

2. You can indirectly advertise your business

We all hear that people hire those they know, like and trust. Many Facebook groups allow you to get know people and you can observe how they interact with others. Many groups have you introduce yourself and what you do. Once you join, you can build trust and nurture relationships in the group. Try to help out here and there with pointers to showcase your abilities or so you can get to know others better. You can potentially gets leads or prospective clients down the road. I have personally hired people that I met through Facebook groups. They are some of the best people to work with. You can see other conversations that they have had with other people you might know well in the group and can ask questions about them prior to hiring them.

3. Rub elbows with influencers

I’ve been able to get in on some Facebook groups with very successful, influential people. Most of the invitations come from subscribing to their email newsletters. It makes sense for them to invite people this way because they see that you’re interested in receiving their content on a regular basis. On some level it shows that you’re a more dedicated fan that truly understands and appreciates their work.
Allowing you in the group could even be a perk to becoming a subscriber. You can get a closer look at their process of connecting with their target market, if you’re looking to model some of their strategies for success. Additionally, you can get answers to specific questions
To help grow your business, consider leveraging Facebook groups to do so. They can possibly help you land media mentions, advertise your business, get questions answered and allow you to socialize successful influencers.
Karen Cordaway

Karen Cordaway

Karen is a Nationally Syndicated Personal Finance Writer who sharpens her skills at US News Money. You can also find her placing clients on podcasts and reading about home office organization, productivity and habits.

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