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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage of Cyber Monday

Posted on November 27th, 2017
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Cyber Monday is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. And for good reason. Discounts and deals are a major part of Cyber Monday, making it a rival for Black Friday.

But Cyber Monday isn’t just about consumer deals. As an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of Cyber Monday as well. Here are some ways to cash in on the deals as you shop for your business:

1. Look for Travel Deals

Are you planning a company retreat in the first or second quarter next year? Maybe you plan to attend a trade show or a conference. Travel booking and other websites offer Cyber Monday deals and you can get a steal on your business travel.

Don’t forget to look at loyalty programs. You might get bonus points for booking a business trip with your rewards business credit card. This can make a big difference down the road — and result in savings later in the year.

2. Do Your Shopping with Your Business Rewards Card

Speaking of rewards, make sure you do your Cyber Monday shopping with your business rewards card. If you spend the money on one card, you can rack up the points, and use them later. Check to see if there are any specials that your card gives you access to, and then take advantage of them.

3. Look for Website Hosting and Monitoring Deals

One of the best ways to free up time for focusing on the big picture things is to outsource some of your website management. If you haven’t done that yet, consider outsourcing monitoring and management. Look for Cyber Monday deals on WordPress support, management, and hosting. From GoDaddy to specialized service providers, there’s a good chance that someone is offering a discount.

Now is a good time to get discounts on plugins as well. Social plugins and SEO plugins might be on sale for Cyber Monday, allowing you to enhance your efforts without breaking the bank.

4. Look Ahead for Amazon Deals

Amazon (and other websites) plan out their Cyber Monday deals. Amazon often puts the times that deals will be available. Scout ahead. Look to see what is coming up. Don’t look for excuses to buy, though. Instead, look for things you actually need for your business. Make a list of when they will be on special, and buy them when you can (using that business rewards credit card).

Searching ahead and making a schedule can help you get what you need for your business at a lower price.

5. Don’t Forget Your Tax Deduction

Keep track of your business Cyber Monday purchases. You’ll need the information when you file your tax return.

The money you spend on business purchases can be deducted from your income. This is a great way to reduce your tax liability while getting what you need for your business (and maybe even earning rewards).

Keep your receipts. I like to keep mine in a folder in my email so they are accessible come tax time. You can also use an app like Shoeboxed to keep track of everything. Once you make your purchases, you’re not done. Use them for a tax deduction, and keep gaining from your necessary business spending.

Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit

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