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5 Tasks to Outsource as a Business Owner

You’re a business owner. It doesn’t make sense for you to do everything. In fact, once your business starts growing and you get off the ground, it’s important that you delegate mundane tasks so that you have time to focus on the big picture items that are most important for your business.

Successful entrepreneurs know it’s important to delegate, and as a business owner it can also make sense to outsource the following 5 tasks:

1. Content Creation

Unless you enjoy writing, and are good at it, one of the first things to outsource is content creation. From the creation of email marketing newsletters to blog posts designed to draw traffic to your website, hiring an expert to prepare what you need is a smart idea.

There are business owners who spend hours trying to create landing page copy and social posts — and it sucks away their time and energy. Once you get to the point where you can afford to hire good writers, outsource most of your content creation.

2. Accounting

One of the most mundane tasks out there is accounting. You can get help through accounting software, as well as hire an accountant. In some cases, accounting software is all you need to manage the day-to-day finances of your business, from payroll to invoicing. However, when it comes time to prepare your taxes, you might need to hire someone else to help.

Getting help with your accounting can save you time and energy, and using professional help can also mean fewer mistakes. Outsource accounting and you won’t have as much to worry about.

3. Public Relations and Marketing

You might be surprised at how much time it can take to run a public relations campaign. Even just getting someone else to help you land interviews and appearances can free up some of your time. If you hope to become more visible in the media, outsourcing public relations can help a great deal.

The same is true of marketing. Outsource your marketing campaign needs to someone who can organize bloggers, coordinate social media and accomplish other tasks related to marketing

4. Design

One of the most time consuming tasks out there is design. Whether you want to design a new logo or overhaul your website, it can be very tedious to manage design. There are plenty of freelance graphic designers who can help you with a number of projects so that you have time to focus on other items. A good designer can help you images for posts, as well as help you figure out a good layout and flow for your website.

5. Scheduling and Email

Not everyone needs to outsource their scheduling and email needs. However, you might get to the point where having an assistant to manage your schedule makes a great deal of sense.

If you feel overwhelmed by email, interview requests and other mundane items, a virtual assistant can help out. There are scheduling apps that can make things easier, but sometimes you need a personal touch. Outsource to a virtual assistant, and you might be surprised at how much extra time you have.

With the right team and the ability to delegate at least some of your daily tasks, you can free up your so that you are able to concentrate more on building your business and making it more profitable.

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