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Looking for a new app that can take your freelance business to the next level? A good calendar app is probably your smartest decision. After all, it will assist you in organizing and maintaining your upcoming appointments and events. The means finding calendar apps every small business owner needs.

Calendar apps are ideal if you need help with juggling work and personal responsibilities. As a result, you improve your productivity while having a healthy personal life.

Since there so many calendar apps, all with various functions, we’ve decided to make the decision easier for you. Here is our list of the ten calendar apps every freelancer needs.

1. Calendar

When you’re a freelancer, time is money. That’s why the endless back-and-forth emails can be frustrating. Instead of completing a project you’re busy responding to emails.

Sure. A majority of your emails can wait for a response. But, that’s not the case when scheduling a meeting with a client.

Thankfully, this handy app takes care of that for. You just share your availability through email or an embedded link. You client then picks a time and it’s added to everyone’s calendars.

Easy, right?

The app is free and even comes with features like time zone detection. This ensures that everyone is on the same page. I don’t know about you, but I’ve mixed times before because of time zones.

Since the app works your Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar, it can be used on all devices. It was also one of the top calendar apps of 2020.

2. Cushion

Cushion’s slogan says it all: peace of mind for freelancers. And, we would expect that from an app that was built by freelancers, for freelancers.

Cushion’s scheduling feature is simple to use. Most importantly, it provides a bird’s eye view of your planned workload for the entire year so that you don’t overcommit. Since everything is color coordinated you can quickly view the notes you have for specific clients.

Besides forecasting your schedule, you can use Cushion to track your time, reach financial goals, and even keep tabs on your invoices. It also integrates with tools like Harvest, Freshbooks, Xero, and FreeAgent. It’s currently beta testing Stripe for accepting payments.

After a 14-day free trial, you’ll have to pick a monthly plan. Plans start at $5 a month for one user.

3. Fantastical 2

This iOS calendar delivers a clear, visual presentation of your daily, weekly, and monthly events. Users can create new events through a traditional menu-based interface. But, you can also add audio notes and the app will automatically the event.

The Day Ticker is a great feature for freelancers to view and manage their events and reminders. Other features include time zone detection, availability scheduling, and maps where events are hold.

It integrates with iCloud, Google, Exchange, Office 365, and Facebook as well. The app does cost $4.99 though after a 21-day free trial.

4. Doodle

If you have a lot lot of clients, prospects, or team members, then you know how stressful coordinating schedules can be. This is especially if everyone is using different email and calendar systems. Doodle simplifies this process.

This app is a scheduling assistant that sends a link to the calendar. It shows when you’re available and your clients and team members can then schedule a time when everyone is free. You can even poll all parties to see which day and time works best for everyone.

The mobile app is free to download for Android and iOS users.

5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is arguably one of the most popular calendar apps around. And, it’s easy to understand why. It offers a clean and bright interface where you view weekly, monthly, or more specific schedule views.

It’s strongest feature is that it integrates with Gmail. This allows you to automatically create events for meetings, travel, or restaurant reservations based on your emails. You can also create to-do-lists and set goals.

The price is nice too since it’s free.

6. Timepage

This app is from Moleskine, who are known for their notebooks more than mobile apps. However, this iOS app is a stylish day planner and smart calendar. It works with your existing calendars like iCloud, Google, and Facebook, so events are easy to create.

When using the base view you can view a timeline of your day’s appointments. But, there’s also tab where you can select specific days of the week. The “heatmap” displays your availability and you can even receive map and weather information.

You will have to purchase the app for $4.99.

7. Cal

Cal is a calendar app from the the team. Creating events is a breeze since you just plug in contact invites based on the event name. You can also sync tasks from itself for more efficient checklisting.

One neat feature is being able to select pictures. For example, you could use headshot of a client so that you can visually see events related to them. Since the app keeps things minimal, you can also quickly glance over your day’s schedule first thing in the morning.

Cal is available for iOS and Android.

8. Wave

Wave is a free calendar app for both Android and iOS devices. Like other calendar app, it can handle the basics. This includes being able to view your events in a day, week, week-agenda, month, mega-month and list view. But, there are some unique features like adding attachments to your appointments.

The app syncs with a variety of calendars including Google, Facebook and Exchange. You can even receive push event notifications on Android Wear and Apple Watch.

9. Cozi

Unlike traditional gigs, freelancers don’t have always have a set schedule. Even if you try and have “working hours,” those aren’t always set in stone. That can make balancing life and work a bit tricky.

Thankfully, the Cozi Family Organizer is here to lend a hand. It coordinates your family events, appointments, and chores so that your entire family is on the same page. You can even assign colored dots to specific family members on the calendar for easy visualization.

The app works on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

10. iMeet Agdenday

Like other apps, this manages all of your calendar items in one convenient location. This is possible because it works with Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, and Yahoo. You can even send running late notifications with one-touch.

It allows you to join conference calls and online meetings with just one touch – regardless of the provider. You can also view profiles of clients so that you’re aware of relevant information. And, you’ll receive morning summary alerts.

The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices.


Renzo Costarella is an entrepreneur, avid learner, and startup enthusiast currently living in Silicon Valley. He gives financial tips and tricks to help retire early.

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