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Three Freelance Systems Worth Every Penny You’ll Pay

Updated on January 17th, 2022
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I love a good deal, but there are some freelance systems that I happily pay for each month. I’ve been working as a freelancer for four years. When I first started out, I didn’t pay for any kind of services. I made my own invoices on a free invoice app and sent them from my personal gmail account. I spent hours finding free stock photos to ut on my website because I didn’t want to pay for a photoshoot.

There comes a point where your time is so much more valuable than the money you save trying to DIY things. I reached that point about three years into my freelancing journey and made huge shifts in my business as a result. I now pay for several systems that help me be a better freelancer and they are worth every single penny.

Invoicing Software

Like I said, I used to make all my invoices on an individual basis. It took a crazy amount of time, and if I needed to make a change to an invoice I had to create the whole thing all over again. Using an invoicing system has saved me so much time. I’m able to keep a template with all my basic information on it and just change the minor details of the work for each project. I can set up recurring invoices for repeat clients.

It also acts as a mini-profit and loss form each month. I can see all my clients for the month on my invoice platform and compare that to my more detailed personal records.

Email Provider

I semi-recently upgraded to paying for my email list and it has been a game changer. Though it was an expensive upgrade ($500 for the year!) I find it well worth the cost. I can set up email funnels for new clients and to sell passive products, and I can send an unlimited number of emails each month. The paid program is much more robust than the free platform I was using.

Legal Services

I have hired a lawyer three times so far on my freelancing journey and it’s been great each time. There are some legal things I feel comfortable DIYing, but there are many I don’t feel confident in. Contracts, trademarks and copyright- these are things I’ve asked for help with. While lawyers are certainly expensive, I find the fee to be worth it.

I don’t have a lawyer on retainer, so these costs only come up as needed. I also make sure to do a ton of research on my legal needs before I sit down with a lawyer, so that I’m not drawn into paying for something that I don’t really need. As with any business owner, lawyers like to make an upsell!

These freelance systems have saved me so much time and allowed my business to grow. Growth equals more money and a more stable business, two things I feel great about.

Kara Perez

Kara Perez

Kara Perez is the founder of Bravelygo. Kara discovered her love of finances courtesy of her quarter-life crisis. Broke, underemployed and saddled with student loan debt, she realized that her lack of financial education was crippling her adulthood. She now connects individuals with how to save and make money. She freelances in the areas of personal finance.

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