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Apps for news keep getting better. Sure, instant news has always been a big selling point for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. But companies are revolutionizing the way apps for news deliver the goods.  The apps for news continue to get more sophisticated and are starting to provide unique and unmatched designs for you to keep up […]

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Although I absolutely adore my coworking space, sometimes I really just want to stay and work at home. Working from home looks especially enticing after I’ve been traveling or perhaps I’m feeling less energetic than usual. The truth is sometimes I really just don’t want to be bothered with putting on regular clothes and dealing […]


One of the reasons why those of us who run online businesses love it so much is because we get to travel – sometimes a lot.  Working while traveling was actually one of the things I found most attractive about being able to run a business from my laptop. Even if you don’t run an […]


Since recently re-opening my coaching practice, I’ve had lots of conversations with writers, bloggers, influencers and content creators. One of the biggest issues I’ve seen among many of them is the inability to write faster. More specifically, I find that they are wasting their time in a myriad of ways instead of actually putting the […]

Hire Your First Employee

Creativity is a major part of running a business. Whether you’re running a creative business or you need to find creative solutions to problems as they arise, business owners need to find ways to have a steady flow of creativity. Here’s what I mean by that. In my business, I literally make money based off […]

Business Checklist

I was recently having lunch with a mentor who has over 30 years of experience running his own freelance business as a graphic designer. Someone asked him to share one piece of advice he had for beginning freelancers and he said, “A newbie freelancer should start thinking about ways they can become a consultant.” As […]

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Email lists may as well be gold for online entrepreneurs. They are an online businesses bread and butter. To grow your email list means to increase your sales, your audience and your influence. Why are email lists so important? Firstly, because it’s a list of people that you own and control. Your social media followers […]

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