It’s often a hard road to navigate, but building a friendship with employees has never been easier. More and more, the workforce has stopped following the rigid boundaries between boss and staff, and started embracing the concept of a team. And more often than not, it leads to higher quality work. When the lines of communication are clearer, when everyone is happy, and all parties involved feel more comfortable to express their ideas, and the whole team is pushing for the same goals, the result is a strong and successful company that’s ready to take on the world. And we’re certainly reaping some of those benefits here at Due! For more of John’s wisdom on how to foster not just a better boss-employee relationship, but a real team energy, read his article on FastCompany here.


My name is Angela and I'm the Director of Marketing and Customer Care Ninja at Due. I write for the blog on Due. My goal is to help our customers feel like they are rockstars, invoicing rockstars!If you have problems reach out to me to get some expert help!

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