Keeping track of financial transactions can be annoying for most people, but traumatic for freelance writers, who deal with tons of different clients at a time, can rarely expect to know when they get paid (upon submission? Upon publication? A month after publication? When the publisher remembers?), and have to haggle over rates with every new client. Subsequently, freelance writers usually have a couple of cheques in the mail, a few pending invoices in your PayPal or whatever other invoicing software system you and your clients favor, and a carelessly thrown together Excel sheet for tracking payments. recommends Due as a solution to consolidate all your freelancer bookkeeping needs, like billing international clients, invoicing through third-party integrated apps (like PayPal and Quickbooks), and even precise time-tracking for hourly work.

If you need more convincing on how Due can make the lives of freelance writers much easier, read the article on FWG here.