Due CTO and Co-Founder Chalmers Brown on Forbes’ List of Entrepreneurs Promoting the Hustle Work Ethic. Forbes noted that if you want to succeed this year, the main focus should be on developing a hustle mentality where you literally put more work into what you are passionate about than anyone else. The article named more than a dozen entrepreneurs who are proving that there’s more to the success equation than just talent, knowledge, and skill; it still comes down to proving you want it more than anyone else.

It’s that hustle work ethic that got Due’s CTO and Co-Founder Chalmers Brown added to this list. Of note was the fact that at a very young age he competed in a technology hackathon and already has developed various technology solutions for different problems, most recently with Due, creating a proprietary online payments system that leverages blockchain technology to increase transaction speed and security. The list includes global entrepreneurs that illustrate it doesn’t matter where you come from because hard work does pay off.

You can read the original Promoting the Hustle Work Ethic article here.

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Promoting the Hustle Work Ethic