eCommerce Business Ideas

We are becoming more and more confined to our smart devices and the internet, especially in the pandemic-stuck world. This situation adversely affected a few domains and has favored the others with a bias. Ecommerce is one of the areas that has seen a boom in recent years, especially in 2020. There are also solid […]

retirement account contributions

Well, we are truly on the final day of 2020. As if you didn’t already have enough places to figure out where your money needs to reach, there’s another consideration—your retirement account contributions.  “But retirement is so far away!” The only person who can get away with saying retirement is far away is a 16-year […]

sales after the holidays

Now is the time when most sales professionals traditionally push to meet their year-end targets and begin setting new milestones to get off to a strong start in the coming 12 months. However, 2020 required extraordinary flexibility. What do we do now that the holidays are over? As COVID-19 canceled the conferences and other networking […]

online financial transactions

Managing your money online is relatively easy, convenient, and straightforward. It makes our lives a lot easier and lets us perform online financial transactions in a matter of seconds. Even though there are many benefits to online banking, there are also some risks involved. Online accounts are also the target of criminals, similarly to homes […]

building wealth

There’s a misconception that being wealthy means that you have so much money and assets that you can go for a leisurely “gold coin swim” like Scrooge McDuck. In reality, though, wealth is relative. In fact, it’s been found “that once your income exceeds $75,000 per year, your day-to-day experience doesn’t improve much as your […]

business tax's 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic sent the world into a tailspin that countries and individuals are still reeling from and trying to endure. For businesses, especially, staying afloat has been a monumental task — some smaller businesses have had to close their doors permanently. With the new year approaching soon, another tax season is on its way. […]

401K plan

When money is tight, your emergency fund is the first place you should look for help. If you don’t have a robust emergency fund in place, taking some money from your 401(k) early may seem like an attractive option. But should you make early 401(k) withdrawals?  A lot of people are stressed about their finances […]

retirement planning

My parents were self-employed. And, growing up, I had always assumed that they making the right financial decisions. As I got older, it dawned on me that they weren’t. After a series of financial setbacks, they were forced to sell off some business assets. But, more detrimental, they began living paycheck to paycheck just to […]

If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio, add another source of income, or both, real estate can be a viable choice for growing your money. People may overlook real estate investments because they assume they’ll need to produce a substantial amount of cash upfront to get started, or they don’t have enough knowledge on […]

Happy New Year

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that you can never truly be prepared for every curveball life may throw your way. A global pandemic has taken all of us out of our normal lives and into something completely unexpected. We now know more than ever how important it is to prepare your finances ahead of […]

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