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In the last several years more and more companies have become more receptive to hiring remote workers. In fact, it’s being predicted that by 2027 58 percent of the U.S. workforce will be freelancing.  As a business owner who relies on remote employees, I can tell you personally why this is no longer a taboo. […]

How many employees and clients does the platform accommodate

To be an effective manager at work takes far more effort than meets the common eye. It is challenging to consider the needs, goals and unique personalities of multiple people while also completing the necessary tasks that you have each day. Despite the challenges, it is mission-critical to gain employee respect. While your position of […]

Hiring is one of the most challenging, but important aspects of running a business. A job-well-done takes significant time, thought, and energy. It pays large dividends, though, to have a strong recruitment process. That’s why it’s important to Invest heavily and early in hiring. The best companies are able to excel because of their workforce. No […]

Support Innovation

Sure, things are running smoothly right now at your business. But, as any tech-savvy business owner knows, if you aren’t truly efficient, your competitors will quickly gain a competitive edge. That’s while you’re holding unproductive meetings or delaying projects because of a lack of communication, they’re growing their business. So, how can you ensure that […]

Mobile and video will reign supreme

It’s no secret that video marketing is the way of the future for businesses. At least 43% of consumers said they wanted marketers to produce more videos. Videos are entertaining and easy to watch. If you’re looking to increase your revenue over the next few months, it will be helpful to start utilizing video. Check […]

Between email, live chat, video, online, and document sharing via the cloud, working from home is a reality for a majority of employees. In fact, the 2017 “State of Remote Work” report found 52 percent of employees work remotely at least once per week. For employees, working remotely helps them maintain a healthy work-life balance. […]

Introducing a new product launch

Geolocation isn’t a recent development. In fact, the geolocation revolution goes back to 2005 after a number of paradigm-shifting startups like fwix, Loopt, Ditto, Blockboard, Everyblock and Whrrl launched. While most of these startups have folded, others like Foursquare have thrived by using geolocation to create customized and targeted marketing campaigns. Cisco indicates there will be 5.5 billion […]

sales skills

The thing that stuck with me from my very first job was a piece of advice my boss gave me during my first shift: Don’t let customers discuss politics or religion. That would mean you could not be political in your business. There are several reasons why the owner passed this knowledge down, but the […]

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