traits of freelancer

Working as a freelancer is not for everyone. Ask someone who went from freelance self-employment back to a full-time job about some of the pitfalls of freelancing. You may be entertained, but you are sure to get a ton of different answers. The real traits of a successful freelancer vary a bit. Ultimately, freelancing is a […]

computer invoicing tips

Every small business owner operates on what is often a shoestring budget. Hence, they have limited resources for investing in tools, processes, and equipment. But, when a free resource becomes available that provides something truly useful that helps a small business owner improve their company, it’s well worth sharing with others. Now, invoicing is one […]

new computer desk

Do a quick search for “the next big thing.” The results probably display article after article that announces artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the blockchain, autonomous driving, renewable energy, or wireless sensors that will essentially connect everything. The thing is, innovation is the next big thing. In fact, innovation has always played a part in determining an […]

Cross Borders

More people moving and interacting with others in various countries. Hence, it’s not surprising that an effective solution for moving money around the world continues to be in greater demand. The go-to option for international wire transfers has typically been to visit your bank. However, while a financial institution can provide international wire transfers, it doesn’t […]

analyze your taxes

Tax season can be pretty daunting for small business owners and freelancers. If you pay quarterly taxes, you may realize that you need to be more on top of your tax documents and track your business finances efficiently. Now that the federal deadline for filing and paying 2019 taxes has been extended, you may be […]

bottom line

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance has taken on even more challenges even in the face of new technology solutions to combat the problem. That’s because there’s now online and offline money laundering schemes to pursue and prevents with various regional and global issues that must now be addressed. Here are 10 top obstacles that AML compliance officers […]

security infrastructure technology

Better tools are supposed to make work easier and workers more productive. Why, then, do many seem to clog up processes more than accelerating them? Why has business software typically lacked the usability and attractiveness of consumer software? Makers of business platforms may mean well. But, when they don’t fully understand the needs of their […]

Fintech Money

The wealth management industry can no longer ignore the rise of fintech. Investors have pumped more than $100 billion into the fintech market since 2010—including $6 billion in the first quarter of 2019. Those investments are going toward things like robo-advisors and investment apps that help Millennials streamline their personal investments.I first noticed the fintech trend about a decade ago. […]

How to Select the Best Template For Your Invoices

If you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or business tycoon, invoicing is a major component of ensuring that your business is financially healthy. Thankfully, the days of manually creating invoices or tediously creating a template in Excel are over. That’s because you can easily find pre-made invoicing templates. But, before you go and use the first invoice […]

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