4 Facebook Offers to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

like facebook for SMBs

One of the best online advertising tools you have available to you is Facebook.

Potential customers by the thousands flock to Facebook to socialize, look for news, and even to shop. By providing Facebook offers, you can encourage them to spend money with your business or drive them to your website.

Here are four ideas for Facebook offers that can take your social media marketing to the next level:

1. Coupon

A coupon is one of the easiest Facebook offers to use. You can create your coupon ad using video or an engaging image, or even simple copy.

With a coupon, you can encourage people to shop with you. Maybe visitors will spend on other things, besides. Plus, if you make it clear that you will offer coupons periodically, you are more likely to get people to follow your business page.

Finally, many shoppers like to share their finds with others. You could easily see your coupon shared around Facebook, reaching new customers and providing you with larger potential reach. Promote your coupon, and you could see even bigger results.

2. Downloadable or Printable

One of the most effective ways to use Facebook offers to draw people to you is to offer something of value. This can be a great way to attract people to your website or upsell them on something later.

Create a downloadable or printable. It can be a cheatsheet that allows people to accomplish something. Perhaps it’s a printable that guides someone to a goal. No matter what it is, you have the chance to provide something that others can use to their benefit.

You can use the item as a way to perhaps convince them to buy other products or services that you have. Once they see that you offer something of value, they might be willing to pay for your other offerings. Plus, if your offered printable or downloadable is attractive enough, people will share it with their networks.

3. Blog Post

This Facebook offer is more about providing compelling content that can help readers in their everyday lives. It’s a way for you to provide value — and potentially build trust in your brand.

Choose a particularly useful post, or create a post designed to help your customers address a pain point in their lives. Write the post and offer it on Facebook. You can combine it with a promise. You can also show how a particular product or service you offer can fix a problem. This provides you with a way to draw people in and perhaps get them to sign up for your email newsletter or take a step toward following in the hopes for more valuable content.

4. Free Shipping or a Special Gift

Finally, you can also offer free shipping or a special gift. If you sell physical products, these Facebook offers can go a long way toward helping you get interested people to take the step and buy.

You can also offer a special gift with a purchase. A small token of appreciation can go a long way toward attracting people to your online store. Share the deal on Facebook, and perhaps even offer something extra to people who share your offer with their friends. That can promote sharing and help you reach more people.

No matter how you do it, making Facebook offers can be an amazing way for you to reach potential customers and take your online marketing efforts to the next level.