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3 Ways to Increase Small Business Sales With Facebook

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What some small business owners don’t realize when they get started is that selling will play a major role in their profits. Whether you’re offering a specific product, service, or even just free content, customers and clients will not just luck upon your business. You’ll need to strategically sell and market it to them. Small business sales are crucial to your business.

Luckily, with tools like social media, small business sales have become much easier to generate. With more than 1.9 billion active users, Facebook is the leader of social media sites.

According to Pew Research, 79 percent of online adults used Facebook in 2016, compared to just 29 percent for LinkedIn and 24 percent for Twitter.

Given this volume of online activity, it is not surprising businesses large and small use Facebook to generate leads and boost sales. Regardless of your niche, Facebook is probably critical to your business’ sales and here are 3 smart ways to start increasing sales and generating more payments for your business with help from the popular social media site.

1. Use Small Business Sales to Promote Your Facebook Page

You are more likely to generate leads that will convert to sales when prospective customers know you have a Facebook page. Facebook has a promotions option you can use to get more clicks to your site or to a particular page, but you do have to pay for those leads.

There are other organic ways to promote your page as well. Send emails to all current prospects asking them to visit and like your page, and include links to Facebook on your website and in your best blog posts.

You want to share engaging content mixed in with the latest offers for your products and services. If you are properly serving your target market, you can also provide Facebook giveaways and exclusive discounts to help generate sales as well.

2. Encourage Facebook Visitors To Share Your Content

Some visitors will like your content enough to send it to others. Make it easy by including Facebook’s like plugin and share button in all of your content. With a host of loyal fans sharing your content on their pages, you can grow leads and boost sales exponentially.

If you have specific products to sell for example, you can post a link to your Facebook page or even share an interactive video of someone using your product with the caption ‘Share this post with someone who would love to have a ____.” You can also use this tactic to your benefit around certain holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

3. Use Facebook Ads

Since billions of people are using Facebook regularly, that means Facebook is gathering lots of demographics and interest regarding their users. You can take advantage of this by investing in Facebook ads to reach your target customer or client.

You can use ads to promote your business, your helpful content, or even a webinar. Facebook ads are also a great tool to help you boost email subscribers which can also increase your sales.


Be sure to add Facebook to your marketing and sales strategy for your business. The benefits of using this widely-known platform are too good to pass up.

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