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For years, I used other invoicing tools for my business. Even after I started writing for Due, I kept with other invoicing.

But not too long ago, I switched to Due for my business invoicing. Not just because I contribute to the blog. I switched because I realized that Due has a lot of features that I like in an invoicing tool.

Everyone has their own list of reasons for choosing their business tools, including for invoicing. You need to figure out what’s most important to you and decide on a tool that meets your biggest priorities. Here’s why I made the switch to Due for my invoicing needs:

Ability to Accept Various Forms of Payment for One Low Price

One of the things I like most about Due is the ability to accept many different forms of payment for one low price. The rate for accepting payments is 2.8%, no matter what.

Many other business invoicing tools I’ve used in the past charge a percentage (usually at least 2.9%) plus a flat fee of 30 cents or so when clients use a credit card. While it doesn’t seem like much, it can add up when you have a lot of transactions and clients.

As my client base grows, and as more clients want to pay in different ways, an invoicing tool that allows them to pay with credit card – without extra costs to me – is helpful. The more payment options you can provide to your clients, the better off you’ll be.

Now, I can accept just about any type of payment my client is interested in sending, at no extra cost. Plus, because I can go in and use a “marked as paid” feature, it’s possible for me to account for the clients that still pay be check or use direct deposit to pay me.

Accepting credit cards is a big deal in today’s world, and Due lets me do that at a competitive rate, without the need to set up a separate merchant account.

Automatically Transfers Money to My Bank Account

I love that Due automatically transfers money to my bank account. When clients pay, the money is added up by Due. The next day, everything I have received is part of a bank transfer. It usually only takes one day for the money to show up in my bank account. It’s been great for cash flow.

In the past, I’ve had to invoice, wait for payment, and then go through the step of initiating a transfer to my bank. With Due, I just need to send out the invoice. If I’m paid through Due, the money is automatically transferred to bank account without any extra effort on my part.

When a client pays through PayPal, I still have to go through the extra step, but I’ve found that many of my clients prefer just using their business credit cards (it’s for the points). After looking through my client list and paying attention, I realized that virtually all of them were paying with credit card, even when they used PayPal to complete the transaction.

Switching to Due for my business invoicing just made sense. It’s easier, cheaper, cleaner, and the money ends up in my bank account faster. That’s winning right there.

The Pay Now Button is Clear and Easy to Use

The final straw for me came when my last invoicing program changed its setup and invoices. First of all, the payment term defaulted to a 30-day payment term. I had to change that. Next, the link meant for my clients to pay right from the invoice disappeared.

I was wondering what took a client so long to pay. When I contacted him, he said he was at a loss because he couldn’t find a way to make payment immediately from the invoice email like before. With this adjustment from my last business invoicing tool, I decided it was time to change.

Due offers a clear and prominent Pay Now button. My clients can see it and make their move quickly and easily. It’s just about perfect. Combined with the fact that payments made through Due are automatically transferred to my bank, this makes things very convenient.

My last invoicing tool worked well for years – until it didn’t.

Add More Clients without Extra Cost

With my last business invoicing tool, once I had more than three clients, I had to pay to use the service. While there were some perks that came with it, I didn’t use them.

Using Due gets rid of that stress. I can add unlimited clients without having to buy an extra product. So, I had to pay to use the invoicing program because of the number of clients I had, then if I accepted credit cards through the system (or through PayPal) the charge was a percentage plus an extra bit for a transaction fee.

With Due, I can bill as many clients as I need without the extra cost. Plus, I can accept payment for a flat fee. Invoicing is free with Due, and accepting payment comes with one flat fee. It’s simple and cost-efficient.

Plenty of Other Features I Haven’t Used Yet

I haven’t been using Due for my business invoicing for very long, so I haven’t had a chance to explore all of the features. However, I know there are plenty of features I haven’t used yet.

These features include setting up recurring invoices, setting up templates, creating late payment reminders, and more. I know that it’s possible to use Due to collect sales tax and add discounts.

I also like that it’s easy to see when invoices have been viewed, and when they have been paid. All it takes is a glance. It’s also possible to quickly see your payments, including bank transfers. There is also an e-commerce tab that I haven’t needed to use yet.

The more I dig into Due, the more I realize I’m not utilizing all the possibilities. I’m excited to see what else I can do with Due. So far, it’s been a great addition to my business invoicing. I think that it can be even better later, when I start using some of the other features.

Due invoices are customizable, available in different languages and currencies, and can help with a worldwide approach to business and invoicing. You can even set up a digital wallet through Due. It’s a good way to take advantage of some of the other payment options that are evolving for the future. So far, international borders haven’t stopped me from getting paid, and Due only makes it easier.

Choose Your Business Invoicing Provider

When you choose your own business invoicing provider, it’s important to consider the most important features for you.

I ended up deciding that I wanted a prominent payment button, an easy way to receive multiple types of payment for one low price, and automatic transfer to my bank. The process is much more streamlined now and I see the money in the bank much faster.

You might have different needs and preferences. Take the time to look at your current provider. What do you like most about your current program? What irritates you? Research the options and look at what different invoicing programs offer for you. Compare them, and don’t forget to include Due.

It’s exciting to see some of the plans for Due’s expansion, and I look forward to seeing what innovative products come through the pipeline next.


I'm Miranda and I'm a freelance financial journalist and money expert. My specialties are investing, small business/entrepreneurship and personal finance. The journey to business success and financial freedom is best undertaken with fellow travelers.

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