We like to think everything’s going well with the economy. And it might be. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be another recession. Indeed, you need to prepare your business for the next economic downturn. However, you also need to make sure your personal finances are properly prepared for the next economic downturn. Without […]

Budgeting TIps

Keeping an eagle eye on your business and personal finances while self-employed is highly important. When your business is having a cash flow problem your wallet is also having a cash flow problem. Here are ways to rock your business and personal finances while running your own show: Overplan for Emergencies Your household’s emergency savings […]

travel for vacation

Growing up in family where we hosted everything from birthday parties to Christmas gatherings to Fourth of July barbecues, it’s just in my DNA to host parties. The problem? Hosting a party can get ridiculously expensive – particularly when you’re trying to budget and for an upcoming holiday. Over the years, however, I’ve learned how […]

Save Money today

How much do you think your car affects your finances? While we can’t drive without insurance, gas, taxes, or maintenance, we do have control over much of our automotive spending. And while all of those ancillary costs of car ownership add up, the biggest cost of all is buying or leasing a new car. Keeping […]


Creating written course content is an area of business that I fell into by accident. To my pleasant surprise, I found out that creating courses can pay well. It can also provide consistent work for freelance writers and even virtual assistants. But the very best thing about creating courses and other education material is it will […]

money habits

Throughout the years, I’ve heard lots of people quote statistics about why starting a business is risky. I like to counter that by stating there are several financial advantages to having your own business, starting with building an asset for yourself. Granted, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that running your own […]

Bitcoin And The Rise Of Cryptocurrency

Right now, it’s practically impossible to go a few days without hearing about the latest cryptocurrency craze. We hear about how Bitcoin or Litecoin is hitting a new high. Chances are, you’ve thought about how to make money with cryptocurrencies. But how can you actually invest in these digital currencies to make money? There are […]

exit strategy

When we talk about retirement planning, the most common focus is how much we are saving to support ourselves in retirement. Simplifying to one goal is a great way to get started, but planning for retirement requires a lot more than just picking a savings rate. Here are some other considerations to think about when […]


Unfortunately, it’s all too common for people to carry debt. It could be from having a home mortgage, a car loan, student debt, or any number of other reasons. However, if you have debt, no matter the reason, there are only so many things you can do to get out of it. You could consolidate […]

signing a check

Checking accounts are a core tool in your personal finances, but many Americans live without one. According to the FDIC, about 7% of Americans do not have a checking account. However, there are two ways to go without a checking account. First are the unbanked and underbanked who live in a cash economy. Second are […]

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