If you aren’t using your smartphone to help you shop, you may want to consider doing so. Whether you are trying to save a few dollars, identify a must-have item by photo alone, searching for the perfect gift for that hard to please person on your shopping list, or if you simply want to avoid […]

One of the big questions that many business owners ask themselves is this: How much should I pay myself? Deciding how much you should pay yourself is a big decision. It’s part of what just about every business owner has to decide in order to strike a balance between what’s good for the business, and […]

It’s fairly common for people to make resolutions at the beginning of the year. Among the most common resolutions are those that have to do with money. Even if you don’t have a specific resolution related to money for this new year, you can still improve your finances. One way to do that is with […]

Two characteristics commonly found in the quintessential motivated individual are: Goal Setting Persistent Drive When it comes to personal finance, they are always looking for a strategy to take their money game to the next level.  Their drive will be given a path through the goals that they set.  Without a doubt, several good money hacks […]

Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or are employed by a large enterprise taxes are just a part of life. While paying a tax bill is never fun, or easy on your bank account, there is some good news. You are able to reduce your tax bill legally by taking advantage of the following […]

I had a terrible case of the flu last week. I’m talking fever, chills, coughing-up-a-lung type of flu. The kind of flu where your entire body hurts and you hate everything — including the world. After three days of misery, I decided to go to the urgent care. They prescribed some medication to help with […]

Buying a car is a major decision – and a costly one, too. On average, most Americans spend ten percent of their monthly income paying for transportation. For most of us, this expense comes in the form of a monthly car payment. However, if you play your cards right, you can drive out of the […]

Sooner or later in your life, you are going to have an unexpected windfall. Whether through a bonus, an inheritance, or some other fortunate turn of events, you could suddenly end up with $10,000 that you must figure out what to do with. Yes, it CAN happen. It might be tempting to splurge on a […]

While technology is reaching levels that were once thought of only to support a plot from some science fiction movie, many people are living their financial life with more of an old school theme.  To that, I ask…. Are you still balancing your checkbook on paper? Are you still calling a broker? Do you mail […]

credit cards

First and foremost, this article is only for those who are financial responsible.  Credit cards shouldn’t be part of a financial strategy conversation unless it’s proven that bills can be paid without paying overdraft fees.  That being said, credit cards can be a powerful tool if you know about them and know how to use […]

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