Everyone is always looking for that next money hack, most of the time it is right under their nose.  Health Savings Accounts are rarely mentioned and widely underused.  The lack of attention it gets leads many to leaving tons of money on the table, especially when measured over a lifetime.  The Millennial generation should give […]

credit cards

Credit cards are an important part of your business and personal finances. Understanding how they work is vital to long-term financial success, particularly if you use credit cards for everyday purchases. You can use credit cards as a tool to unlock cash back and travel rewards, or a credit card can be an expensive dead […]

In achieving your financial goals, it’s always good to have a role model. Finding someone who has done what you are trying to accomplish before, will most certainly help you take the quicker path to success. I’ve put together the following list of people I follow hoping they can be as much help for you, […]

We all love to save money. And despite decades of attention on the environment, and some notable improvements in air, land and water quality, we are still a throwaway society. We extract critical natural resources from the environment, use them to package our consumer goods, and the packaging ends up constituting over 71 percent of our […]

The New Year is almost upon us, and with it comes the time to make resolutions. While many of us will promise ourselves to watch what we eat and hit the gym hard in 2017, many more of us will endeavor to get our finances under control over the next year. Fortunately, the Internet and […]

Money seems to creep it’s way into everything we do, relationships are no different.  Dating, marriage, and even friendship can take a turn for the worse if money becomes an issue.  It would be wise for any of us to study not only the mechanics of our financials but the psychology of it.  As the […]

Leaving your job for full-time self-employment is a huge transition. Walking away from a steady paycheck and benefits is a big risk, so putting your ducks in a row before you walk away is vital to your success. Save an Emergency Fund While you still have a steady income, save up an emergency fund with at […]

As Americans, we are very lucky to live in a country with such diverse prospects.  Whether it be living near tropical climate or sub zero temperatures, the choice is there to be made.  Though weather is one reason to choose a spot to live, finding the right financial climate is another.  I’ve done a bit […]

About one-third of all Americans have a bad credit rating – a credit score 601 or under – a status that can close all types of doors in our lives. Without good credit, it may be difficult to obtain a mortgage, get a car loan, and in some cases, even limit employment opportunities as well. […]

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