It should not shock you to learn that daily reading — an incredibly simple task — is a habit common to many self-made millionaires. 85% of millionaires reading at least two books per month, studying various topics including leadership, career development, and all things money — including management and mindset. Here are ten money mindset books. […]

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Sometimes owning a business can feel more like a slog than like freedom. Monetizing your dreams is hard work, and the roller coaster of being a small business owner comes with a lot of ups and downs. It’s always good to keep a reminder of why you started your business in the first place handy, […]

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Money wisdom comes in many forms. From the advice of a mentor to a good book, you can glean money wisdom that helps you improve your business finances, personal finances, and even your lifestyle. These five great quotes about money offer plenty of money wisdom to enjoy. Follow along to learn more and for insights […]

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Fast Company published an article about why inspirational quotes are a motivating factor for people. The article offered many reasons why people of drawn to find and read these quotes, starting with the fact that tough situations cause many to turn to a motivational quote to change their perspectives. While they found that some people were captivated by the words used in inspirational quotes and their inherent meaning, the research also suggested that motivational psychology and self-selection play a role in the attraction to inspirational quotes.

Scientific study has even gone so far as to suggest that these quotes are tied to human biology. As the article explained, "Humans are aspirational. We want to look up to role models and leaders and follow what they ask. Leaders and their words—inspirational quotes—affect us on a primal level." Tied to this is the idea that people in these leadership positions are clearly accomplished or they would not be in a place to have their inspirational idea even heard in the first place, so the admiration of seeing these success stories - in print - makes the words of someone we perceive knows something special, more meaningful to us.

Therefore, these inspirational quotes actually have the power to inspire others to change their thinking or actions or, at the very least, help someone see what they want to change about themselves or the barriers they want to move past.

While many books and speeches are capable of inspiring in this same way, we are all very busy people with less time to read than we'd like. Short, quick, to the point, inspirational quotes are so good. They are concise, using very few words to transmit powerful messages that motivate and change attitudes.

While there are websites dedicated to quotes that you can use for inspiration like Brainy Quote and GoodReads, at Due.com we regularly gather inspirational quotes tied to money management and financial issues that are designed to inspire you to improve these skills and address those issues. As you read these quotes and come back regularly for more inspiration, be sure to read the quote a few times so you can really connect with what it says and be able to say it again later as though it was an affirmation.

When you are reading a quote and repeating it later on, think about what it really means, discuss it with others, and meditate on its meaning. Then, think about how you might be able to implement that quote in your personal situation, including in relation to your own freelance or small business as well as in terms of how you manage money and look at financial matters. Another idea may be to print out the quotes we put in our Inspirational Finance Quotes category of the Due.com blog and post them on a board in your home to keep them in mind -- at least for a day.

The quotes that we have selected for this category are ones that have inspired our team members at some point in their lives. To provide the most diversity to the quotes used, we have been sure to cover everyone from today's business leaders and finance experts to historical figures and leaders, philosophers, entertainers and celebrities, authors and artists.

Be sure to check back often to see the latest words of wisdom that you can take away with you, maybe learn from, and we hope to be a part of your life, to help you to feel inspired, better yourself and help you build a stronger business!

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