When I started my blog back in 2010 I had no idea I would someday turn into a full-time blogger that makes a living off of her writing. I also had no idea I would end up learning a variety of unexpected skills that, at first glance, seem like they have nothing to do with actual […]

Over the past few months, I went through the process of rebranding the business that I started almost six years ago. The reason I rebranded my business was because I was outgrowing it, and my message didn’t match who I’ve grown to be. My business grew from one tiny freelance writing client into a full fledged media company, […]

One of the biggest challenges that startups and business owners have to tackle is prioritizing the features of their company. It’s an area that we here at Due.com are all too familair with. As John Rampton, Due’s cofounder and CEO, has said, “When I was building out the freelancer section of Due, we had 200+ […]

I recently took a trip to Mexico where I stayed with my long time web designer and friend, and we had a little mastermind about all the logistics of client onboarding and creating good experiences. We were able to help each other, but most importantly I learned a thing or two from her about how […]

After they’ve been freelancing for a long time, some freelancers decide to build an agency. In other words, they move from doing the actual writing to hiring other people to do it for them. In that way, it’s almost like they start moving toward a full-blown marketing firm a la Mad Men. While deciding to […]

You’ve likely heard a lot about work from home jobs, but it’s hard to know which companies are worthwhile and legitimate. So, the best way to approach working from home is to actually start your own business. This sounds a lot harder than it is, and there’s truly no one better to run a small […]

Fix Cash Flow Issues

Cash flow issues can be stressful as a small business owner. Sometimes you can send invoices to your heart’s content but that doesn’t always mean that you’ll get paid right away. This combined with never ending expenses can often cause a cash flow issue where your business account might be left a bit emptier than […]

No matter what type of work you do, you’ll have to deal with responding to multiple requests via email. Even if you have an assistant, on some level you still have to make the decision about whether or not to accept or turn down certain opportunities. Saying yes seems to flow easily while saying no can […]

A business partnership can be an incredible success or an unfortunate failure. What starts out as hopeful excitement can quickly turn into stress and resentment when one partner feels like they are doing the bulk of the work or reaping most of the benefits. That said, there are many business partnerships that are successful and […]

One of the great dreams that many people have is that of starting a side gig. A side gig can represent different things. You might be hoping to transition from your day job to working for yourself full-time, or you might just want the extra side income to help you meet other goals. No matter […]

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