Most people have already started spring cleaning. While many people picture washing windows and decluttering their garages, this doesn’t just have to be just for your living space. This time of year may also motivate you to clean up your work area. A little time and attention can go a long way. These tips will […]

If you feel like it’s time to hire your first employee for your business, consider hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant acts as a contractor so you don’t have to pay extensive payroll taxes, and you can have them work as much or as little as you want from week to week. A virtual assistant […]

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are often times guilty of working themselves to the bone without taking the time to rest. Those of us who are especially Type-A also have a tendency of blowing past an important milestone, ignoring that it happened and then moving on to the next challenge. If we’re going to build amazing businesses, […]

Since beginning my career as a freelance writer, I’ve found other ways to turn one project into an opportunity to work on different kinds of projects for the same client. This means I’ve done everything from writing o teaching, to consulting and even creating videos for the same clients. The reality is that in the new […]

We don’t like the thought of giving up, especially as entrepreneurs who are told to stick with it. Sometimes, though, it does make sense to give up. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dreams of financial independence or ultimately being successful in running your own business. When you give up, it […]

Bartering is one of the oldest forms of paying for work, and luckily, it’s a system that still works well today. Essentially, bartering is when you exchange services with someone and no cash changes hands. So, if you’re a writer, you could create blog posts for a graphic designer’s blog who in turn could create […]

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