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4 Online Business Owners Who Share Income Reports

Updated on January 23rd, 2022
Shared Income Reports

One of the things I love about the online business world is the fact that many business owners are extremely transparent about how much money they are earning via one of their periodic income reports.

Personally speaking, it was when I started following public income reports that I even saw what was possible in my own business. Sharing income reports is an excellent way to show people how tangible and accessible it can be to earn money through an online business.

Not only that, but by making income reports public, these online business owners are breaking a major social taboo: talking about money publicly. In my opinion, it’s only by breaking the taboo that we’re able to really help people earn and manage their money.

This is one of the reasons I share my own income reports when I have the chance – because I want to teach people and show them what’s possible.

With that being said, here are a few business owners who go out of their way to share income reports with their audiences.

Michelle Schroedner-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents

Michelle Schroedner-Gardner has become quite famous for her monthly income reports. In these reports, she details how she’s able to earn six figures a month from her blog, mostly in the form of affiliate sales.

Not only does Michelle share how much she earns, she also breaks it down by category, affiliate program and source of income. She has some of the most detailed reports around, which is why it’s no wonder people have been flocking to her affiliate marketing course.

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

If you’ve been in the online business space for even five minutes then you’ve probably heard of Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

Perhaps the original blogger to start publishing income reports (or at least the first one I can remember doing it), Pay Flynn also details how much money he earns from his online endeavors each month.

He calls himself the “crash test dummy of online business”, so he’s more than happy to share what’s working and what’s not with his audience.

Carrie Smith of Careful Cents

The blog Careful Cents holds a special place in my heart. First, because I know Carrie personally. We started our journies around the same time and I’ve learned so much from her.

Second, because it was in following her quarterly income reports that I started to see what’s possible for me as a blogger. What I love about her income reports is that she’s very detail oriented (probably the accounting background). For someone like me, who has a hard time moving from big picture to actionable steps, this is extremely helpful.

LaTisha Styles

LaTisha styles is another friend and colleague who has gotten in the habit of sharing her income reports. More specifically, she shares income reports for all the money she’s made passively.

Not only that, but LaTisha is extremely knowledgeable and willing to share what systems she implements to help make all of this happen. (I’ll actually be attending a retreat she’s hosting in Puerto Rico to personally learn more from her. I’m psyched!)

Final Thoughts

While some people may be shy or private about how much money they are earning, these online business owners certainly aren’t. Thank goodness. If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration and some tactical advice, look no further than these guys.

Amanda Abella

Amanda Abella

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