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      About Shay Berman

      Shay Berman is the CEO and founder of Digital Resource, a full-service digital marketing agency in South Florida. Digital Resource was featured on the Inc. 500 list after just four years of operation. Shay Berman has spent years developing the best digital marketing strategies to drive real revenue to businesses of all sizes. Shay holds a degree in Advertising from Michigan State University with specialization in Internet Marketing. His association with MSU led him to develop his strategies with the help of top Google Executives. The internet can be a scary place for many business owners, but Shay’s clear-cut approach to internet marketing has driven his clients' businesses to new heights.


      Owner of Landscape Solutions Advisory Board Member of Titus Center for Franchising President of Digital Resources


      Bachelors Degree in Advertising and Digital Marketing from Michigan State University


      Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Competitive Analysis, Leadership, Sales, SEO, Marketing Communications, Email Marketing, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, Research, Merchandising, Cold Calling, Constant Contact, Branding


      New Media Drivers License in Digital Marketing from Michigan State University
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