Author: Scott Salaske


  • CEO of Firstmetric
  • President and Co-Owner of Portfolio Solutions
  • President and Owner of Quest Asset Management

    About Scott Salaske

    Scott Salaske is the founder and CEO of Paymently. Scott is an entrepreneur and has built and ran businesses his entire life. Along the way, having been quoted/interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, Crain’s Detroit Business and among others.


    President and Owner of Quest Asset Management President and Co-Owner of Portfolio Solutions Host and Producer of the Anxious Investor CEO of Firstmetric


    BBA in Finance from Walsh College


    Index Funds, Investments, Asset Management, Investment Advisory, Entrepreneurship, Financial Services, Mutual Funds, Alternative Investments, Financial Analysis, Financial Modeling, Investment Management, Portfolio Management, Retirement Planning, Wealth Management
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