A life long student of habits and behavior change. Mike is the CEO and cofounder of Tip Yourself, a product and community focused on positivity and small shifts in habit. You tip everyone else, but what about yourself? Tip Yourself. You earned it!

building a successful business

Habits are extraordinarily powerful. They make up almost half of our daily actions. A change in your habits will have a massive impact. It can truly be life changing. We’ve all seen or read the stories of transformation. A high school dropout that ends up at the top of the business world, or someone struggling with […]

tips for startup success

The big win. The big victory. Those are the moments that get most of our attention. Getting the dream job. The announcement of a big promotion. Losing a bunch of weight. Someone being debt free. That’s what gets our attention. But what’s the journey to get there? That’s where you need to focus. The real […]

building a successful business

You have aspirations, right? You have goals you want to achieve. Like so many of us, you most likely have a few daily habits that are getting in your way. Hitting that snooze button too many times? Afternoon trips to the vending machine? Hours wasted away browsing social media? These relatively small habits can actually […]

building a successful business

Habits. We all know the word, but we often associate it with bad behavior. Smoking, biting our nails, too much diet coke, or something else we feel we do too often. But not all habits are bad. And building successful habits can be the difference between failure and success. Studies estimate that 40% of the […]

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