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If you accept debit and credit cards as a payment option, then you may already be aware of chargebacks. According to many retailers, merchants, and business owners, chargebacks seem to be on the rise, which can be costly for your bottom line. That’s why we created this infographic to help you better understand what chargebacks […]

Sometimes clients make mistakes and send invoice overpayments. For example, if you bill them $500 and they send you $1,000 because they accidentally submitted a wire transfer twice. Other times, they may have just misread the invoice and sent you wrong the amount. This is no fault of yours – as long as you followed […]

Cities For Networking

Starting your freelancing career is never easy. There are fears to overcome and making decisions — like how much you’re going to charge your clients. One of the most overlooked considerations is where you’re going to live. I know what you’re thinking. You’re a freelancer. You can work whoever you want. While there is some-truth […]

The business to business payment experience has undergone a tremendous evolution that is slowly moving the overall transaction process from paper money like cash and checks to virtual cash. Advancements in payment technology, combined with growing acceptance and security with using an online environment to transmit payments, has helped businesses advance and even provided opportunities […]

As the growth of the internet enhances connectivity between different regions of the world, more and more businesses are extending their traditional business hours to account for overseas markets. As a result, 24/7 business operations are becoming commonplace in some industries. But how can you possibly manage an around the clock business efficiently? Four Things […]

I recently booked my room for a destination wedding in Costa Rica. And, it was a bit of a headache. In order to book the room, I was emailed a form, which I then had to print or fill-out electronically, and then email it back to the hotel, which would then charge my credit card after […]

Customer Experience as a Freelancer

Good things can come in small packages. A team doesn’t have to be large to deliver some of the most memorable experiences for customers. Instead, a person or team just has to be highly effective at what they do by incorporating a few customer experience hacks like these 5 tips: Use the right tools: No customer wants […]

mobile payments in canada

Did you know that a whooping 75 percent of major retailers accept contactless payments in Canada? Here in the States, it’s closer to 2 percent. Believe it or not, our Northern neighbors are more than prepared for mobile payments. In fact, Canada may actually provide a glimpse into what the future holds involving mobile payments and […]

Whether you need a fresh website, new logo, or updated marketing materials, there will come a time when you need to hire a designer. While you could hire in-house or turn to an agency, your best best is probably seeking out a freelancer designer – especially if money is a concern. Sometimes you may be […]

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