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meeting with team members

Only half of American small businesses survive the first five years, and only a quarter make more than $1 million in sales. Many small business owner find themselves busily running around, attempting to act as accountant, sales rep, and social media manager, in addition to being CEO. Are you spreading yourself too thin to see […]

Are all interchange fees the same

Interviewing has changed a lot in the last few years. Thanks to the Internet and social media most interviewers already know a lot about you before you ever walk through the door. Even the process of interviewing has changed a lot, and you’re more likely than ever to go on half a dozen different types […]

Brand Loyalty is Dead

When was the last time you looked on the laundry detergent aisle for your favorite brand? Most people are searching for the best bargain to stretch the family dollar. Stagnant wages and an increased cost of living are driving the focus on cost over brand. Brand loyalty was originally about quality. Later, it switched to marketing and advertising. […]

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