Karen is a Nationally Syndicated Personal Finance Writer who sharpens her skills at US News Money. You can also find her placing clients on podcasts and reading about home office organization, productivity and habits.

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Tips for saving money are all over the internet. Though there are many great ideas for saving on purchases, it takes work. Getting steep discounts on high ticket items you’re planning to buy involves research. Even getting the best price for needed supplies a regular basis can be a job all its own. There’s comparison shopping, […]

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Freelance work is not easy, sometimes you have to reward yourself. I’m not sure what your day is like, but I get pulled in many different directions. As a parent of two kids, though I have flexibility and can make my own schedule, there are many demands.  I’m an on call lost item finder, personal […]


Outsourcing can seem daunting. Research reveals that 80% of the companies state cost-cutting as their primary reason for outsourcing. It cites better customer experience, customer retention and scaling as other pressing reasons to outsource. No matter the reason, if you’ve never done it before, you might be at a loss for where to start. 1. Shadow yourself […]

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Getting paid on time can be a challenge if it isn’t your thing. Whether you are getting clients for the first time, refining how to talk pricing or collect payments, you may need help. Here are some suggestions to better communicate when it comes to discussing and receiving money. These tips will make getting paid […]

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Looking for ways to save can be a challenge for freelancers and small business owners. Whether you’re under pressure to reduce costs, keep more profit for yourself or whatever the reason, it can feel like an ongoing, uphill battle. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can still reduce costs and maintain a certain […]

money exchange

From time to time, you can lose money or miss out on opportunities to make more. This can be costly. You can drain your profits, fail to grow or even stay in business at all if you aren’t careful. Discover how to avoid these potential problems using the tips below. 1. Overly focusing on the big picture While […]

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