Kara Perez is the founder of Bravely, a company that connects women and money. She freelances in the areas of personal finance and travel, and she eats peanut butter straight out of the jar.


The line between business and life is growing more and more blurred today. Social media influencer is a job now, and they are in the business of themselves. A lifestyle brand is a flourishing online business niche, where people essentially spell out how they live and invite others to come take a look. The rise and […]

plugin and train your brain

Being an entrepreneur is a difficult road to walk. With the pressure of running your own show, generating your profits, and doing every other thing under the sun, it can take a toll on your mental health quickly. Staying healthy, happy, and sane suddenly don’t seem like priorities anymore when you’re chasing down a dream […]

mobile payments

This has happened to almost every freelancer: a client reaches out to you and wants to work with you. You’re excited about the chance to work with this clients, and you let them know that you’re available. Then when it comes to discussing payment, the potential client tells you that there’s no budget for your […]


In this freelancer’s opinion, the number one drawback of working for yourself is the amount of time it can take to get paid by clients. Payment periods can be weeks apart. Clients can take anywhere from three to 60 days to pay invoices. It varies depending on the company, their payment system, and your standing […]

graph and trends report

Email lists may as well be gold for online entrepreneurs. They are an online businesses bread and butter. To grow your email list means to increase your sales, your audience and your influence. Why are email lists so important? Firstly, because it’s a list of people that you own and control. Your social media followers […]

how to stay healthy

Entrepreneurship has myriad advantages. You own your time, you’re building something you love, and you are the boss. It’s nice to call the shots, but it’s also a heavy load to bear. Stress, anxiety, and exhaustion are often part of the package. It’s key to take care of your emotional health. You probably already know […]

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