Kara Perez is the founder of Bravely, a company that connects women and money. She freelances in the areas of personal finance and travel, and she eats peanut butter straight out of the jar.

money habits

I identify as a money nerd, but that’s not the reason I have three budgets. I’m a small business owner, a freelancer, and a money nerd, so my finances dictate that I have three separate budgets. As a business owner, I separate my personal and business finances for legal and tax reasons. Having separate bank […]

obtaining money from lenders

How many times have you read ‘become a freelance writer today!’ on the internet? It’s often listed as one of the most popular ways to make more money, to earn money online, or to launch your own brand. While those things are true, there’s a lot more to freelance writing than some of these people […]

computer business

Running your own business means keeping a close eye on all parts of it month to month. Record keeping, balancing accounts, and taking inventory should all be done monthly. Keeping an up to date record of all business transactions will make your business run smoothly throughout the year. As your business grows and changes, your […]


Working from anywhere in the world, choosing a new city as your workplace each week- the life of a digital nomad. Digital nomads have ben on the rise for the last few years and it’s no wonder why. It’s a romantic way to live, but it can make growing a business difficult. When your office […]

Allow me to re-write a pretty famous saying: growth is good. Growth is essential for businesses to stay alive. There’s no need for greed to enter the picture, but growth- growth is what you should be all about. The more people you can reach, the more potential clients your work gets in front of. There […]

Frank payments

Setting your rates as a freelancer, or pricing your goods as a small business owner can be a tricky business. They need to be low enough to be competitive, but high enough to let you pay your bills. Being your own boss means that there are a million things to oversee. Getting paid a fair […]

save money

Hands up if you’re semi-addicted to stories of successful people and businesses. I know I am. I want to peel back the cover of all my favorite businesses. How did they achieve success? What did they do to get where they are? We all want to get paid on time and earn the big bucks. […]

Office Supplies Home

In business, it all boils down to making clients happy. Happy clients mean good business. As a business owner, you should strive to make life easier and better for your clients. Luckily, this is an easy task to undertake. Taking care of your clients should be built into your business model from the start. They […]

work ethics with millennials

Small businesses fight daily to get their message out. You can increase profit with a better marketing plan, but it’s often easier said than done. You know you’ve got to break out of your small initial circle and reach new people in order to grow and succeed. What’s the marketing plan that helps you get paid […]

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