Picture this scenario: you’ve been working with a particular client for three years now — one of your favorite clients — but you’re stuck with the rates you first charged this client. New clients are paying more, your skills have improved, the economy is much worse and things are much more expensive, but you’re still […]

According to data from the 2012 Freelance Industry Report, the two biggest challenges freelancers face are finding quality clients and breaking out of the fear of the feast or famine cycle — with 37 percent of freelancers experiencing these challenges. This data was also recently corroborated by Contently’s recent State of Freelancing study. Pretty much […]

I’ve been asked a lot about cold pitching lately and, in response to these questions I am also told that some people are getting messages like this one: “What are your compensation requirements? If they align with what we can afford, we can explore the conversation further, if not, I don’t want to waste your […]

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