Eric Rosenberg is a finance, travel, and technology writer originally from Denver, Colorado living in Ventura, California. When away from the keyboard, Eric he enjoys exploring the world, flying small airplanes, discovering new craft beers, and spending time with his wife and baby girl. You can connect with him at his own finance blog Personal Profitability.

As a small business owner, you don’t have to be an expert in every part of running your company. However, you should have a baseline knowledge and understand the basics. Accounting and bookkeeping are an integral piece of any business. Whether you have no accounting background or are a former accounting pro interested in a […]

Increase Productivity and Free Up Time

Running a business can keep you busy. Whether it is your full-time gig or a side hustle, it is important to keep organized and take steps to stay as productive as possible during working hours. This helps you save time, earn more, and have a more enjoyable entrepreneurship experience. I am always working on optimizing […]

freelance economy

Freelancers may have had a reputation for being lazy writers living in their parent’s basement in the past, but times have changes. Fortune 500 companies and startups alike regularly outsource important projects to freelance writers, designers, and developers to ensure a quality product completed within budget in a short period of time. Freelancing has become […]

As a freelancer and small business owner, getting paid is one of the most important functions of your business. After all, you’re not a charity! Getting paid quickly, easily, and showing that you are a professional can help your business in multiple ways. Here are some of the biggest benefits of a quality invoicing system. […]

Your bank account sits at the center of your personal finances. The core of your finances is your checking account, where your primary income and expenses flow through each month. If you want to get the best from your bank account, as a small business owner or just as a regular consumer, follow these simple […]

Freelancing may be the employment model of the future. Companies are regularly looking to outsiders to fill specific needs and skillsets, and savvy freelancers are earning a living working with a mix of small to large scale businesses to earn that living. Freelancers, working as small business owners, have figured out some secrets to success […]

Most people wait until the Black Friday sales to start their holiday shopping, but there are many good reasons to do your shopping throughout the year. Avoiding last minute procrastination has many payoffs. Here are some of the benefits of doing your shopping throughout the year rather than waiting for December. Avoid Last Minute Price […]

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. Unless you outsource it, that includes bookkeeper and accountant. You don’t need a fancy four year accounting degree to handle your business accounting basics, but it is important to have a grasp on important concepts to ensure accurate management reporting and tax filings. Cash Basis vs. […]

As a new small business owner, you are barraged with important decisions around banking, payments, and every other aspect of your business. One of the most important decisions you will make is how to structure your business. This decision can have monumental tax and legal implications down the road, and making the right decision today […]

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