Eric Estevez is a freelance writer, blogger, finance coach, and tax accountant. He has been training in the grappling art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2010, currently holding the rank of Purple Belt. JiuJitsuFinance.com combines his passion and life's work where he teaches you how to do Financial Jiu-Jitsu! The blog focuses on financial literacy, as well as current financial issues for all ages.

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At the end of the day, business is about cash flow.  If you happened to look at this month’s Fortune magazine, they published a large article about how poorly brick-and-mortar stores have been achieving this goal. Here are a few ways to avoid being the part of next class of under-performers (Macy’s, Kohl’s, Sear, J.C. Penney’s, etc).  Even […]

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Any business, in any environment, needs to evolve with the technology and trends that dominate the era.  Otherwise, they’ll end up like the dozens of national retailers who’s name and logo our parents and grandparents can only recognize.  Your business’s payment solutions are not exempt from this process. While the neighborhood pizza parlor may still […]


Calling all newcomers to the freelancing game! Below are more than a handful of resources to find your first customer.  As our economy continues to evolve, there has never been a better time to find freelancing opportunities.  The list below should give you the start you’ve been looking for. 1: Reddit Reddit, the front-page of […]

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In order to be successful in anything, you’ll need the right tools to perform at a high level.  We’ve all gotten to the point in anything we’ve done and thought “this is what I’d tell a newcomer….” Below are a couple resources and tips that will be of help to all of the rookie freelancers out […]

As the dreaded tax season looms, we are all forced to gather our numbers and figure out our situation.  Freelancers have a bit more to think about, as your expenses (a.k.a “write offs) are directly correlated to your tax liability.  I will dip into my almost decade experience in tax accounting in hopes of shedding some […]

For those on the brink of taking the leap into freelancing, it can be a daunting decision.  As long as you have marketable skills in your field – coupled with a dash of communication, you’ll have all you need to freelance. Here are 10 things any prospective freelancers should consider, which will hopefully make your journey […]

If you’re in the business of growing your social media following, it’s important to stay tuned to the evolution of social media. Like any sport or business, social media is rapidly moving from trend to trend.  This coming year will be no different. I had a teacher in grade school who told us cities like […]

Two characteristics commonly found in the quintessential motivated individual are: Goal Setting Persistent Drive When it comes to personal finance, they are always looking for a strategy to take their money game to the next level.  Their drive will be given a path through the goals that they set.  Without a doubt, several good money hacks […]

Sales is an area where we can never be good enough. Below are 3 sales and marketing tips to consider in achieving success in the coming year, as the landscape of strategies is always evolving. While the principles of getting ahead may be the same, their application is surely different. Though it’s easy to concentrate […]

While technology is reaching levels that were once thought of only to support a plot from some science fiction movie, many people are living their financial life with more of an old school theme.  To that, I ask…. Are you still balancing your checkbook on paper? Are you still calling a broker? Do you mail […]

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