Liz is a writer for hire, specializing in personal finance, entrepreneurship, and legal issues. She shares her own journey to debt freedom and helps graduates dealing with above average student loan debt on her site, Less Debt More Wine. She currently resides in NC after calling Massachusetts home for nearly a decade.

Educate yourself and your employees.

There are lots of great things about being self-employed but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some struggles too. You know that joke, come to the dark side – we have cookies. Well if you’re self-employed and you want cookies, you have to make them yourself. Everything ultimately falls on you and it’s easy to feel […]

When you are working for yourself, everything falls on your shoulders. You must get the most out of your time and to make sure you don’t miss anything. To not miss important details you will need to have automation and a system in place. Systems not only save you time and brainpower but they make […]

how commerce works

Discovery questions are a great tool used by many sales professionals to help ensure they provide the potential customer with the best solution to their most pressing problem, making a deal more likely. While these questions may be more formerly called “discovery questions” in business — especially marketing and sales, chances are you’ve encountered these […]

New Ideas

As a freelance writer, the articles you write are usually either one you pitched or ones you were assigned. There are benefits and challenges to both pitching and being assigned projects. While you can’t control how many stories you are assigned, you can control how many stories you pitch. The challenge is coming up with […]

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