A finance Industry veteran, Charles Brown writes articles related to current financial trends, and creates unique and useful content about business ownership for his company Fastcredit.repair.  With a lot of knowledge and experience in this field, he has moved on to sharing his knowledge through writing.

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Until sometimes back, applying for a credit card was a lengthy procedure. To actually obtain a credit card was considered to be some kind of a privilege. But things have changed significantly now and today, almost everyone holds a credit card. In this post I will teach you five things you should never do with your […]

With Due, you can now request deposits from clients on your invoices. Similar to partial payments, requesting a deposit allows you to take some money upfront before starting work for your client. This way, you can have a bit more control over your invoicing. If you’re looking for a basic tutorial on Due Invoicing click […]

With Due, you can now send recurring invoice templates to your clients. Setting up recurring payments guarantees your business recurring revenue which means steady cash flow and growth. If you’re looking to setup recurring payments directly on your website, say for a subscription service, you can follow this tutorial which will give you access to API documentation […]

At Due, we want to power businesses of all sizes with our seamless payments solution. If you own an online store, we’ve developed a payments API that allows you to easily integrate our Due payments with your platform. If you’re online store is built on WordPress, then you can follow our tutorial here to use our […]

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Now you can add multiple users with various permissions to your Due Account! Follow this short tutorial to learn how you can grant access to multiple users and what permissions you can give them.     Make sure you are in the Settings tab. Click on the ‘Permissions’ section within the Settings tab. Here you will […]

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