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Invoicing is a task that most business write off as being simple. What could possibly happen? You send off an invoice and it gets paid right? If you’re one of the lucky ones, yes invoicing can definitely be a breeze. However many business owners struggle with countless payment delays along with other issues. Payment delays […]

long-term focus

The majority of us lead very busy lives.  With so many things going on it’s often difficult to maintain long-term focus. We tend to focus so much on what’s directly ahead of us that our long-term goals get pushed back. Luckily for you, there are ways to stay on track. Here are four strategies you […]

increase sales performance

Sales is most definitely one of the toughest positions in business. Not only that it’s a skill every single person should practice regardless if it’s their specific role. In business you’re selling on the time. Whether you’re selling to a potential client on your products or your significant other on dinner plans it’s important to […]

time management

Time management is a skill that will pay dividends forever. If you don’t manage your time well it will seriously cost you in both your personal and professional life. The reason why time management is so important is because time is the one variable that we all have in common. There will always be discrepancies […]

freelance strategies

The life of a freelancer has its pros and cons. The obvious advantages are the same that typically come with a self-employed career. Flexible work hours, open opportunity, and most of all creativity. In my opinion the advantage of working alone also has its faults. Without anyone to keep you on track like coworkers or […]

work from home

The opportunity to work from home is great. No need to commute, no need to dress up, and most of all little to no distractions. While working from home has its advantages it also has a few drawbacks. If you’re home there’s nobody to loom over your shoulder to make sure you stay on task. […]

team bonding strategies

As a business owner or manager it’s your job to keep employees happy and engaged. Many spend so much time thinking about building and selling their products that they lose touch with the people who make it all happen. If you manage a team of individuals you should adopt team bonding strategies that help create […]

how miles on a car work

Owning and running a small business is no easy task. Small business owners will experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows during their journey. When it comes to certain small business pain points there are definitely a few that are a common thread amongst most business owners. Here are four small business pain […]

financial habits

Developing strong financial habits is key to any small businesses success. Nowadays with so much data collected we can now draw comparisons between successful business owners and the financial habits they share. Those who continually follow the best practices are consistently outperforming those who don’t. That said here are four financial habits all successful small […]

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