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inner entrepreneur

If you’ve ever wanted to start a business, you’re certainly not alone. Whether you think of the next best thing in tech or an easier way to deliver pizzas, the opportunities are truly endless. What separates the “wantrepreneurs” from the entrepreneurs is action. A great idea is worthless without execution. So when’s the best time to […]

Advantages of Using an Online Invoicing Software

The very first step to getting paid is sending out your invoice. That’s obvious right. Now for the hard part – getting it paid. In a perfect world, your client will pay the invoice on time and you’re off to your next job. However, it’s never that straightforward. While you can’t control your clients, you […]

productivity ideas

Starting a business with family or friends can be tough. It’s tough because it’s hard to remove emotions from regular business dealings. And we all know mixing emotions and business can lead to some bad decisions. Anger is one of the most powerful human emotions. For some, it can completely inhibit their ability to make rational […]

how invoicing works

Invoicing clients has many steps. If you want to invoice correctly, it’s more steps than you’re probably thinking of. One step that many freelancers and small businesses forget about is putting together project estimates. Typically we like to get things done as quickly as possible. Most of the time that means eliminating extra work. Creating […]

team bonding strategies

If you’re like most business professionals, the majority of your day is spent in meetings. Sometimes you can get a lot accomplished during this time. However, they are often ineffective. If you want to get more accomplished in your business meetings you need to communicate effectively. You need to communicate the purpose of the meeting and […]

Social Media around the World

Regardless the size of your business, marketing mistakes are inevitable. If you’re a Fortune 500 company with a hefty marketing budget, you can afford to make some mistakes here and there. However if you’re a startup, it’s quite different. Startups have it tough. Marketing, along with all your other challenges, will be expensive. That said, […]

Due Resources Page

At some point in your great entrepreneurial journey, you’re going to have to hire new employees. Hiring employees is great. You get to see your team grow, and finally take some of the workload off yourself. The problem is many founders or managers aren’t thorough enough in their hiring process. They end up with employees […]

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