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The holidays are meant to be a festive celebration where you gather with your loved ones. It’s also the time-of-year when you spend a lot of money, especially online. In fact, it was expected that in 2016 nearly half (47%) of consumers would be shopping online this holiday season. Unfortunately, swindlers are also aware of […]

When you expand your startup overseas, you’re not only targeting new and exciting markets, but also reeling in clients. Both of which can spread brand awareness and ultimately boost sales. The problem is that many entrepreneurs and business owners go international for the wrong reasons and without doing their due diligence. In fact, here four business […]

Infographics have played a huge role in blogging and content marketing this year, and you should expect the same to be true in 2017 and beyond. However, since infographic creation is half art and half science, very few people have a thorough understanding of what it takes to be successful. Do you? Here’s Exactly What […]

One of the most common misconceptions that business owners believe is that if they get more traffic to their site, the more people you’ll have to convert into customers. Unfortunately, that’s not the case a majority of the time. Thankfully, you can boost your sales by implementing these three quick and easy online payment tips. 1. […]

When was the last time that you wrote out a check or carried around a $100 bill? For most of us, it’s probably been an extremely long time thanks to digital wallets. Despite the fact that digital wallets have been around for years, people have taken notice to the numerous benefits that they provide, such […]

There is no shortage of payments companies set up for both businesses and customers. But, what if you’re an online merchant or someone who still has friends and family overseas? Some of those online payments platforms may not allow you to send and receive cross-border payments. If that’s the situation that you’re currently in, then checkout these […]

The global payments landscape is rapidly evolving and growing thanks to the world becoming more and more composed of “global citizens.” For example, a customer in Nigeria using their smartphone can purchase clothing from an e Commerce headquartered in Brazil, Canada, or the U.S. As the global commerce becomes more accessible, it’s more important than […]

Paper invoices are a relic of the past. Thanks to the ease and convenience that online electronic invoicing has offered both individuals and organizations it’s no surprise that it’s becoming more prominent when it’s time to send out a bill. As e-invoicing continues to win over users, are some of the most interesting trends that […]

Modern business technology has not only made life easier for the small business owner, it’s completely altered the economy altogether. Because these technological advancements can seemingly occur overnight, it’s imperative that you stay as current as possible with the latest money trends. Not only do they impact your business, it ensures that you maintain a […]

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