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Freelance Invoice fraud

Invoicing, despite being the backbone of businesses of all sizes, didn’t experience a revolution until recently. In fact, for decades the process was the same. You wrote down the services or goods provided, mailed it to your clients or customers, and waited for the payment to return. Even with the introduction of spreadsheets like Excel it […]

Domestic Spending Habits

As someone who has worked with online marketing for years, it’s important for me to understand the spending habits of my audience so that I can launch an effective marketing campaign. As an entrepreneur and investor, it can steer in the right direction on which type of business I should launch or fund next. One […]

mobile e-invoicing tips

The advent of electronic invoicing has been around since the early 2000’s. But, it still has yet to completely catch-on. In fact roughly, 70 percent of invoices are still done by paper, fax and paper checks! We’ll help convince you to ditch the antiquated paper-based invoicing system. Here’s five reasons e-invoicing is a winning strategy […]

instant payments

Instant payments are now longer a luxury for customers. It’s a necessity. The problem that everyone from customers to businesses to financial institutions have struggled with is how to make real-time payments both affordable and secure. Thanks to advancements in technology, that’s becoming a reality. In fact, there are over 40 real-time payment systems in […]

The blockchain entered the spotlight

Blockchain has captivated the interest of consumers across the globe. But blockchain has changed. Business owners struggle to first learn what it is and then determine how they can use it to their own benefit. Successful professionals realize the importance of staying informed on the latest tech news. But when it comes to blockchain and bitcoin, […]

What invoicing features do you need

It can be frustrating when you make it your main objective and goal to meet or even exceed the deadlines your clients have placed on the projects they need to be completed — only to find that when you invoice them for this quick service — they don’t pay you by your clearly marked deadline […]

Should You Accept “Selfie” Payments

Payment security has been a widely discussed topic over the last several years. And for good reason, considering the mount of high-profile security breaches that have lead to the possibility of digital identity theft. But, how can we make payments more convenient, without jeopardizing an individual’s security? This is a question that mobile payment apps […]

woman freelancer

During the course of it’s evolution, social media has been used to connect with long-lost friends, market your small business, and stay-on-top-of the-latest trends and news. Over the last couple of years social media is also being used to send and receive money. Some say it started when Venmo went mainstream in 2013. There wasn’t anything […]

global payment tools

We spend a lot of time examining and discussing the latest payment trends. Since we’re involved in the payments industry, that’s what we’re supposed to do. However, we sometimes get carried away and assume that every demographic is up-to-speed on the latest payment options available. The fact of the matter is that different demographics prefer […]

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