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    About Aleksandra Arsic

    Aleksandra is a creative spirit, passionate about everything related to finance. She discovered her true calling during her studies. Struggling to balance her student loan debt, the cost of daily life, with her wants and needs, she looked for ways how to manage her finances in the most efficient way. Now, she wants to help people achieve the same, and enjoy financial security while making well-informed financial decisions. Since Fortunly is a platform focused on finances, it seemed like the perfect place for her to spread the knowledge and experience she gained over the years.


    Aleksandra Arsic is a Content Strategist at Fortunly. She is a financial expert and a go-to station when it comes to getting the newest and most reliable information in the financial niche. She’s passionate about making finance approachable, allowing others to make well-informed financial decisions. Aleksandra’s philosophy in life and business is that research and the ability to look at things from different perspectives is the key to good decision-making. She strives to help people understand how money works, and how it if used properly, can help us protect our future and assets. With a BA in International Economics and Finances, Aleksandra always worked closely in her niche. She opted to help others understand complex economic terms and make them more approachable to others.


    Degree in International Economics and Finances from Megatrend University


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