The modern marketer, whether working in advertising or sales, can no longer be pinned to a desk or office. It is more important than ever to be on the road, out of the building, and engaging with (would be) clients and customers. Luckily, with the explosion of mobile marketing apps, it is easier than ever to turn your smartphone into an office, and take your work with you on the road. Here are six great apps for mobile marketers:


Perch, available on Android and iOS, is a must-have app for mobile marketers. It is an analytical tool that allows you to track all of the mentions of your company across the Internet — from a post on Facebook to a review at Yelp. Perch lets you pick other companies, like your competitors, and track their mentions, too. The App lets you program alerts when mentions occur, and also provides tools to assess the effectiveness of your web presence as well.


Managing your brand across all of the various social media sites can be challenging, and even tedious at times. Hootsuite, available on Android and iOS, can make social media management much easier. The app serves as a dashboard that lets you view, manage, and update all of your company’s social media sites with relative ease. Hootsuite provides analytics to evaluate how effective your social media presence is, and even makes it easier for other members of your company to collaborate on social media, too.


Keeping track of all of your notes and lists on your desktop PC, tablet, and smartphone can be almost impossible — unless you use Evernote. The app, available on most mobile platforms, allows you to capture information, like a list, on one device, and then instantaneously share it with all the other devices you use, or to whom you share information. It is extremely easy to share the info and the program makes it simple to search for and retrieve information captured previously. The business version has additional collaboration tools that can help your marketing teams increase their productivity, too.


Don’t let traffic or accidents make you late to a meeting with a potential client ever again. Waze, billed as a “social GPS,” is a smartphone navigation system that allows users to provide real-time updates to road and driving conditions, and even communicate with one another. It will help you avoid traffic, road hazards, and even speed traps, and re-route you when road conditions take a turn for the worse. The app, available on most mobile devices, even incentivizes (through a system of badges and awards) providing updated driving condition information; it makes navigating on unknown roads sort of fun.


Virtually every business, no matter how big or small, should have a presence on LinkedIn, the social network for professionals. The site is rapidly approaching 500 million users, so your company is missing out if you’re not on it. LinkedIn offers businesses the opportunity to advertise, to communicate with potential clients, and to further establish an enduring, meaningful brand that people recognize and respect. LinkedIn also has effective mobile apps for most smartphones and tablets too, so you can stay connected to your network while you’re out of the office.


Keeping all of your files and data available across multiple devices – and multiple employees, can be challenging for businesses of any size. Dropbox can streamline this process, and makes it easier than ever for your company to share information and collaborate. The app, available on most mobile platforms, allows you to instantaneously share all of your files and information across all devices. It also allows you to collaborate on projects, like slides for a sales pitch, as well.


Mobile Marketers Unite! Take time to check out these sites. Someone told me they didn’t have time to “learn” another app. These have got to be the most easy “don’t have to learn” apps out there. They are all easy to set up and easy to use.


William Lipovsky owns the personal finance website First Quarter Finance. His most embarrassing moment was telling a Microsoft executive, "I'll just Google it."

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