The world of freelancing isn’t just rapidly growing. It’s continuing to evolve at an accelerated rate. New techniques, technology, regulations, and job boards are frequently appearing in order to help you succeed as a freelancer. But, how can you keep up with all of these changes? Here are five places that provide the latest online freelancer advice for both newbies and seasoned solopreneurs.

1. Due

Launched in 2015, Due is a free digital wallet that allows you to accept and make payments online. Due also includes features like time tracking and invoicing, which are both essential for successful freelancers.

Due also provides sound online freelancer advice through its blog. Articles focus on productivity, organization, work-life balance, how to find new clients, and to ensure that you get paid each on-time. There are also priceless accounting and legal tips as well.

Due also has published the Ultimate Guide to Freelancing, along with specific guides for consultants, photographers, designers, and developers.

2. Freelancer’s Union

Freelancer’s Union is a non-profit organization that has been providing advocacy and health insurance to its members since 2001. It’s also a great place to find gigs though it’s exclusive Hives community, as well as networking opportunities via Spark events. Members also have access to exclusive deals for independent workers.

While you can purchase their Freelancer’s Bible, the Freelancer’s Union also provides expert guides on health insurance, taxes, networking, and how to collect non-payments. There are also resources like templates for contracts and collection letters. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a daily blog that covers the latest news regarding health care, taxes, and rates.

3. Red Lemon Club

Set up in 2009 by nomadic illustrator Alex Mathers, Red Lemon Club focuses on helping artists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs “develop the mindset to be a success at what they do and grow their creative businesses.” Alex has also put together several eBooks and courses to help get your career underway, such as ‘52 Sleaze-Free Tips and Hacks to Promote Your Art, Business and Brand’ and ‘How to Win Creative Clients.’

On the blog front, Alex writes articles like ‘Why You Find Consistently Marketing Your Business So Hard, and How to Make it Effortless;’ ‘Why You Find Consistently Marketing Your Business So Hard, and How to Make it Effortless;’ and ‘The Three Pillars to Being Unstoppable in Life.’ If you want additional and exclusive tips, then you’ll want to subscribe to Alex’s newsletter.

4. Docracy

When you freelance career takes-off you’re going to need legal advice and contracts to make sure that you get paid on-time, have the right business structure in place, and protect your intelligential property. That’s when a resource like Docracy becomes absolutely priceless.

This is the only open collection of legal contracts online for freelancers. It includes graphic design, website development, photography, and consulting. Since the documents are created and shared by the community, they’re free for anyone to use.

The Decracy blog shares online freelancer advice on how to make sure that you get paid for your services, the importance of a founder’s agreement, and explaining patents and trademarks.

5. The Freelancer By Contently

Finally, there’s The Freelancer, which describes itself as “Your Guide to the Gig Economy.” And, Contently actually makes a strong case for that description.

For starters, there’s a rates database so that you know how much to charge for your services. The blog also shares the current trends being discussed in the freelance community, as well as online freelancer advice on how to find a mentor, take vacation, land a sweet byline gig, and the best tools and apps. You can also build your portfolio with Contently for free.


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