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10 Best YouTube Channels for Finance

Over the last couple of decades, technology has gifted us with various platforms that offer convenient access to knowledge about anything under the sun. Of all these platforms, YouTube stands out as the most exceptional, where you can find videos on virtually any topic you can imagine about. And the best part? Finance is no exception!

As per a 2022 CNBC report, 15% of adults in the US lose $10000 annually due to a lack of financial literacy! Now that’s a considerable loss, highlighting the significance of gaining financial knowledge. So, scrolling down through finance YouTube channels to garner your financial knowledge can be a great idea, right?

But we have a word of caution for you. While numerous YouTube channels are dedicated to financial education, not all provide people with the necessary knowledge to plan for a better financial future.

That’s why we’ve curated this article featuring the 10 best YouTube channels for finance. So, whether you’re trying to save money for retirement, pay off debt, or plan for a long-term financial goal, these channels can offer you invaluable insights and fantastic tips to achieve your objectives.

1. Graham Stephan

Stephan is a young finance YouTuber who shares his real estate experiences, failures, and successes. Despite his young age, he has amassed a considerable fortune and shares valuable insights into personal finance and investing. Since December 2016, when he joined YouTube, his channel has received well over 550 million views and more than 4.29 million subscribers. 

Although he has earned his wealth through real estate, he also covers other topics such as investing, saving money, buying cars, improving credit scores, and finding new sources of income. Graham’s channel is a great resource for anyone just starting their financial journey or looking to enhance their existing knowledge. He also offers valuable advice and guidance to those considering a career in real estate.

Stephan’s videos are engaging and provide real working advice that has attracted people to buy his courses. The fact that Graham started earning millions at the mere age of 26 has given him prudent knowledge of the domain he works in that he shares through his channel. 

2. Andrei Jikh

Andrei Jikh’s YouTube channel for finance is a treasure trove of information for anyone looking to learn more about personal finance, investing, and financial minimalism. With over 2.22 million subscribers and nearly 256 million views, Jikh’s videos are informative, engaging, and easy to understand.

Jikh’s commitment to honesty and integrity sets him apart from other finance YouTubers. While many other YouTubers focus on making a quick buck by promoting shady MLM schemes or fear-mongering, Jikh takes a different approach. He believes in empowering his viewers with knowledge and understanding rather than trying to sell them something.

Jikh covers various topics on his channel, from saving and investing to more complex issues such as cryptocurrency investments and trading options. He also tackles bigger-picture financial issues such as protecting your assets, setting goals, and deciding whether to rent or buy a home.

3. Nate O’Brien

Nate O’Brien’s channel is a great place to start if you want sound financial advice to help you manage your money and grow your income. His channel has over 1.3 million subscribers who enjoy videos covering personal finance, productivity, and investing.

Nate’s emphasis on minimalism and lifestyle makes him stand out from other financial YouTubers. His videos are high-quality and relatable, with personal anecdotes woven into his content. For instance, his video on his minimalist apartment garnered over 2.8 million views, while his channel’s total views exceeded 70 million.

Despite the focus on lifestyle, Nate’s content is still packed with valuable investment and budgeting tips that can help you optimize your financial situation. While his investment videos can be challenging, they are still accessible to the average viewer.

4. WhiteBoard Finance

WhiteBoard Finance is a great channel for anyone looking to learn about personal finance, the stock market, real estate investments, and entrepreneurship. The channel has nearly 948k subscribers and more than 58 million views.

The channel’s creator, Marko Zlatic, draws on his extensive experience as a real estate investor, stock market investor, finance student, and entrepreneur to provide actionable advice to his audience. 

One of the key features of WhiteBoard Finance is Marko’s focus on transparency and open communication with his viewers. He is passionate about personal finance and is committed to sharing his knowledge and insights to help others achieve their financial objectives.

Marko covers a huge range of financial topics, and his channel is a valuable resource for anyone interested in personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. His most popular video to date, “How Car Dealerships Rip You Off (The Truth),” has over 8 million views, but his content covers virtually any topic that’s financial.

5. Ryan Scribner

Scribner’s channel is a must-watch for people interested in learning about personal finance. With more than 65 million views and over 800K subscribers, Scribner has been educating people about finances since 2016. 

Scribner’s focus on creating a massive stock portfolio using small and regular contributions has helped him amass a massive following. Scribner also offers advice on cutting living expenses, earning extra money, traveling cheaply, retiring early, creating, starting, and managing a business, and passive income sources.

One thing that sets Ryan Scribner apart is his ability to make financial content interesting and 100% beginner-friendly. His channel includes videos on books to read in your 20s, foundational videos on how to go from $0 to $100K, and earning dividends from different stocks.

Scribner’s approach to personal finance is unique. He explains how money equals time and how we are taught that working more hours will earn us more money. However, he advises against this approach, which he calls the “herd mentality.” 

Instead, Scribner talks about the importance of passive income channels and how to earn extra money without working more hours. He is also an angel investor in numerous startups, including Fintech platforms such as Yotta Bank and Commonstock.

6. Financial Education

Financial Education is an excellent resource if you need to learn about finance and investing. Created by Jeremy in 2016, this channel aims to help people improve their financial literacy, regardless of their background or country. 

Financial Education has over 720k subscribers and over 100 million views. What sets this channel apart from other finance channels is its combination of education and advice. Through Jeremy’s videos, viewers can learn about topics such as open APIs, engagement banking, and the future of finance. 

Many people are motivated by Jeremy’s success story, which involves having no money at 19 and having a stock portfolio of $200,000 by 24. He reveals the keys to his successful endeavors with his audience and also provides personalized tips to the members of his private group so they can learn more.

Jeremy’s videos cover a variety of subjects, but his main emphasis is on stock market investment. He offers viewers advice on creating a good stock portfolio by sharing insights on his stock holdings, specific stock performances, and how-to videos. The information is well-researched, educational, and presented in a clear and interesting way.

7. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is an excellent YouTube channel perfect for those who want to learn more about managing their money. The channel, operated by Chelsea Fagan and her team, has more than one million subscribers and 115 million views. The channel was created in 2015, making it a well-trusted source of online financial advice.

The simple and entertaining approach to finances sets the channel apart from others. The channel talks about financial education in a way that is easy to understand, debunking myths and making finance accessible to everyone. 

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to start your own business, Financial Diet can help you figure it out. Financial Diet covers different topics, including budgeting, career, college, lifestyle, and more. 

Additionally, the channel offers five specific categories that make it stand out even more. Each of these categories is broken down neatly, making it easy for viewers to find the topics they’re interested in.

8. MappedOutMoney

MappedOutMoney is perfect for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy and gain control over their finances. Hosted by Nick True, the channel offers a fresh perspective on personal finance that is different from the other channels on this list. True and his family have made the Airstream Camper their home. They travel through the country and discuss personal finance meanwhile!

MappedOutMoney has over 55k subscribers and has so far garnered over 3 million views on its videos. The channel’s primary focus is mainly on managing expenditures, with many videos devoted to budgeting. True explains budgeting basics and shares insight on a budgeting tool called YNAB. 

But the channel also covers an essential aspect of personal finance – attitude adjustment. True explains how to change your mindset about money, why it’s essential to do so, and factors that cause people to be stuck in bad financial situations.

9. Debt Free Millennials

Are you struggling with debt and looking for practical ways to get out of it? Look no further than Debt Free Millennials, a YouTube channel dedicated to helping young people crush their debt and live debt-free. The channel has over 65k subscribers, and the videos posted on the channel have over 4 million views.

This channel, hosted by Justine Nelson, offers a plethora of guidance on anything from budgeting and investing to self-employment and internet companies. Justine Nelson wiped off his student loan, amounting to $35,000, with an average salary of $37,000 per annum.

In addition to her insightful and relatable content on financial topics, Nelson offers monthly budget breakdown videos where she and her husband review their expenses while enjoying a beer. These videos are especially helpful for anyone looking for practical ways to cut down on expenses and start living within their means.

10. Grant Cardone

GrantCardone’s YouTube channel, with more than 2.38 million subscribers and over 486 million views, is a must-watch for anyone who wants to grow their business or increase their income. Grant offers valuable insights on business and marketing, which he claims, help his followers 10x their growth. 

Grant believes that cash is not king, and instead, it’s cash flow that’s king. He explains that saving money is useless as inflation eats it. Therefore, it’s crucial to store cash temporarily and then invest it. Grant’s channel focuses on building wealth and creating multiple income streams, with a particular emphasis on real estate investment. 

He shares his wealth of experience to educate his followers on practical advice and real-world solutions. Grant’s finance videos on YouTube are actionable and give his followers valuable tips to maximize their growth.

Grant suggests investing in yourself, your business, and real assets that produce cash flow. Investing in yourself and your business can increase your income, ultimately leading to financial freedom.

Can you still make money even if you lack financial literacy? 

It’s no secret that earning money is one thing, but sustaining it in the long run through the uncertainties of the real world is another ball game.

So, to increase your chances of financial success and ensure your funds survive the ups and downs of inflation, it’s essential to have proper knowledge about making the right investment moves and managing your money. Without financial awareness, you’ll be relying on luck alone – and let’s face it, that’s not a reliable strategy.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! The top ten YouTube channels for finance provide a wealth of information, tips, and strategies to help you navigate the ever-changing economic landscape. By subscribing to the most valuable channels, you’ll be able to brush up on your financial skills and gain the knowledge you need to thrive in today’s world.

So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your finances and subscribe to the best YouTube channels for finance today. It’s time to secure your financial future and thrive even during uncertain times!


Who Is the Richest Youtuber?

Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) made as much as $54 million in 2021 alone, making him the highest-earning YouTuber. With over 145 million subscribers, Mr. Beast’s videos require a lot of investment. He is well-known for his charitable endeavors and some crazy videos such as “$1 vs. $500,000 Plane Ticket!”

How Can I Start Budgeting?

Creating a personal budget involves several intricate steps. This involves setting realistic goals, matching your expenses to your income, allocating money to different needs, saving according to your goals, and reviewing your budget every month. You can follow YouTubers like Nate O’Brien, The Financial Diet, MappedOutMoney, and Debt Free Millennials for invaluable budgeting tips.

What Are The Best Real Estate Youtube Channels?

YouTube channels like BiggerPockets, Graham Stephan, Flipping Mastery TV, and Grant Cardone are a depository of real estate investment knowledge. With millions of subscribers and views, these YouTubers share their personal investment stories, exposing their mistakes and drawing out a clear financial plan for their viewers.

Can I Rely on YouTube for Financial Advice?

YouTube is a great source of information from all genres, finance being no exception. However, every person has unique financial requirements, and one solution might not fit all situations. While you can garner basic financial education through YouTube, it is best to consult a financial planner in person before making any investments.

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