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Author: Nick Gallo

About Nick Gallo

Nick Gallo grew up amid the bustling beaches of Southern California, where he developed a life-long love for the written word. He also had the good fortune of stumbling across the principles of financial independence at an early age, which convinced him to study business and start his career in public accounting. He eventually found a way to leverage his passion and expertise into a content marketing business for the finance industry. Through his writing, he strives to help his clients connect with their customers and empower consumers to increase their financial security. When he’s not creating content for his clients or personal finance blogs, Nick enjoys reading and writing fiction novels, practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and hunting for the best burrito in the country.


Nick started his career at the San Diego office of Grant Thornton’s audit practice, where he worked with a mix of public and private companies in various industries. Subsequently, he joined a local accounting firm to concentrate on real estate tax strategy. After passing his Certified Public Accountant licensing exams, Nick began freelance writing for financial service businesses, industry professionals, and personal finance blogs. He now writes full-time, specializing in long-form content regarding personal and business credit, tax and investment planning, and business ownership.


Nick graduated magna cum laude from the University of San Diego in 2017 with dual bachelor's degrees in Finance and Accountancy plus a minor in Philosophy.


Certified Public Accountant

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