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Author: Mark Sinclair


  • Masters degree in councilor education from William Paterson University of New Jersey
  • Mark has a certification in credit consumer information.

About Mark Sinclair

Mark Sinclair is a licensed real estate agent, a business owner, investor. Mark has a masters degree in professional counseling. Over a decade client focused professional experience, certification in credit consumer information, and a mindset providing the very best at every moment. If you were to Google my name you will learn very quickly that Vin Diesel and I are not the same person. Growing up in New Jersey and now continuing to live here with my growing family has allowed me to know the specifics of what you should be looking and what will be helpful information. Both as a kid growing up playing soccer and roller hockey in the streets to searching for a home for my own family my knowledge and resources will help you make your transition successful. He also works as a guidance councilor at Valley Middle School.


Mark Sinclair has been an educator for almost his entire career. He's been a guidance councilor for children and helped them find purpose in their lives. He currently is a Real Estate Agent in New Jersey.


Mark has a Masters degree in councilor education from William Paterson University of New Jersey. He has a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University.


Mark has a certification in credit consumer information.
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