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Author: Lyle Solomon


  • Principal Attorney of OVLG
  • Significant hands on skill and expertise in legal research and writing.
  • Extensive litigation experience
  • Helped over 6000 people become debt-free
  • Book Named Think Different! Save More!

About Lyle Solomon

Atty. Lyle Solomon has significant expertise in legal research and writing. He is a member of the State Bar of California and has extensive litigation experience. Solomon has helped over 6000 people become debt-free. He has also contributed articles to top-notch websites on debt, credit, consumer laws, bankruptcy, and more. Check out the nationally recognized attorney’s latest book - Think Different! Save More! on Amazon to get 48 tips to save your hard-earned money.


Jan 2019 to Present - 2 yr. 6 mo. Principal attorney - Oak View Law Group, California. Jan 2015 to Present - 6 yr. 6 mo. Of Counsel - Duran Law Office, Roseville, California Jan 2011 to Dec 2014 - 3 yr. 11 mo. Of Counsel - Gray & Prouty, Sacramento, California Jan 2010 to Present - 11 yr. 6 mo. Of Counsel - Alcaraz - Tocchini, Tucson, Arizona Jan 2003 to Present - 18 yr. 6 mo. Attorney at Law - Sole Practitioner, Rocklin, California Jan 2000 to Dec 2003 - 3 yr. 11 mo. Law Clerk - Prentice & Schaap, Attorneys at Law, Sacramento, California


J. D. DEGREE • University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, California B.A. DEGREE • Major: Criminal Justice • University of Nevada-Las Vegas


Consumer Bankruptcy


Member of the California State Bar, 2003 • Admitted to the United States District Court: • Eastern District of California • Northern District of California • Central District of California
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