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Author: Kate Underwood

Kate Underwood


  • 1000+ Articles on Personal Finance
  • Former School Teacher
  • Writer for Business Insider, Money Crashers, Entrepreneur Magazine

About Kate Underwood

Kate Underwood is a personal finance writer who frequently annoys her friends and family with finance recommendations. She graduated from Wheaton College with a teaching degree. She pivoted a few years ago, leaving a longtime teaching career to pursue freelance writing, and has loved every minute of it! She's a mom of two and in her free time enjoys all things related to nature, hiking, and The Office.


Kate Underwood was a high school language teacher prior to devoting her life to helping people rewrite their own financial journeys. She previously worked as a freelance reporter for the Richmond Register and later went on to become a personal finance writer for Student Loan Planner, Clever Girl Finance, Market Realist and several other publications like Business Insider finance division.


Kate graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Wheaton College in 2002 where she ran track and field. She graduated with a secondary degree in Secondary Education as well.

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