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Author: Justin Donald

Justin Donald


  • The Lifestyle Investor Book - Voted Top Investing Book in 2023 by Entrepreneur
  • Board Member of Front Front Foundation International
  • $70 Million in Revenue Created at Cutco

About Justin Donald

Justin Donald was the guy that went from having "golden handcuffs" to the person helping thousands of individuals become lifestyle investors and achieve financial freedom. He lives by his core values: Relationships, Connection, Teaching and Learning, Family-Focused. He helps support entrepreneurs with investment strategy and create passive income.


Justin started his early years working for Cutco where he was responsible for recruitment and training development of 25 offices. His offices produced more than $70 million in revenue. He worked for Cutco for 18 years. During this time he started investing the extra money he had into real estate and other investments. 8 years after starting this he began doing this full time at the Lifestyle Investor where he helps clients build a cashflow-driven lifestyle investor portfolio through a customized mentorship and advisory program.


Justin graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana in Finance, Real Estate, InvestmentsFinance, Real Estate, Investments in 2002. He was part of Theta Xi, Alpha Kappa PsiActivities and societies.


Justin has a strong expertise in real estate investing, tax and investing strategies.

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