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Author: Jessica Robinson


  • Jessica Robinson is a celebrated keynote speaker who has featured in various public addresses at educational institutions or virtual public speaking events. She loves to talk about her immense experience, her learnings from life, her perspectives.
  • Jessica Robinson is an internationally acknowledged and acclaimed blogger connecting people in this globalized world. Originally a native Australian, Jessica Robinson writes for an international audience that likes to transcend borders.
  • This is yet another feather in her illustrious cap. Jessica Robinson is a freelance emotional intelligence and soft skills trainer as well. She creates progressive content on EQ and soft skills to help people understand the procedures for developing

About Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson is a charismatic corporate leader, a selfless educator, and a versatile content creator. Despite a management degree, her vision behind blogging is not only to follow her passion but to create more informed societies. Her selflessness reflects in every piece of her work on The Speaking Polymath.


Jessica received a degree from Queens College, The University of Melbourne in management.

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