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How To Accomplish a Steep Rise in Your Organization’s Profits


Earning and enhancing profits is the principal aim of every business organization. In fact, having the ability to earn and enhance your profits is the prime reason for every business organization’s establishment.

As an organizational leader, your brain is often engrossed in thinking about ways to enhance your company’s profits. Here is how to accomplish a steep rise in your organization’s profits.

Finding and implementing ways to enhance organizational profits is not an easy task.

You will find a course of action to increase your business profits — but it will not be as simple to implement as you may suppose. If you are determined — you can accomplish it. Nothing can stop you.

Your Profit Enhancement Journey

This blog will help you take the first step of your profit enhancement journey by presenting some proven ways to enhance your organization’s profits. It will also beacon you to implement those ways; however, you’ll have to undertake the journey further, all by yourself.

You’ll have to keep directing your efforts in the guided direction, combating all the challenges with the armor of patience till you succeed.

Yes, you’ll need a lot of patience as it will take some time to enhance your organization’s profits, just like it takes some time for the moon to become full. But, believe me, if you stay persistent with your efforts, you’ll eventually increase your organization’s profits.

Enhance Employee Engagement in Your Organization

Employee engagement is defined as the emotional commitment your employees have towards your organization and its goals. It is the number one factor that influences your organization’s profits.

If you enhance employee engagement in your organization, your organization’s profits will witness a steep increase too. According to a Gallup study, business organizations with higher employee engagement levels were 22% more profitable than the ones with lower levels of employee engagement.

This study is sufficient to help you understand that employee engagement is the key to enhancing your organization’s profits. So, to increase your organization’s profits, you should engage your employees, and here are some effective strategies to do so:

    • Recognize your employees.

Recognition is one of the best ways to enhance employee engagement. As you recognize your employees, they feel valued, and their sense of emotional commitment towards your organization grows.

As a result, they become engaged and dedicate their efforts to ensure your organization’s growth. Their paycheck is no longer their aim to work for your organization.

Rather, your organization’s growth becomes their principal aim. This way, recognition enhances employee engagement. So, you should always extend recognition to your employees. No matter, whether small or big, you should recognize your employees for every effort they put at work.

    • Extend human treatment to your employees.

Your employees naturally become engaged when you extend human treatment to them. Human treatment is not providing basic facilities like clean drinking water, hygienic workplace, and washroom to the employees.

Instead, it is the fulfillment of basic human needs, which we all have as human beings, such as being respected, valued, and belonged.

You should extend proper human treatment to your employees, i.e., you should make them feel respected, belonged, and valued. Not only this, but you should also encourage your employees to treat each other humanly.

    • Help your employees keep work stress at bay.

Your employees cannot be emotionally committed to your organization if their emotions and mental well-being are hijacked by stress. They’ll feel inwardly frustrated, and their emotional inclination towards your organization will decline.

So, to engage your employees, you should help them keep work stress at bay. For this, the best way is to organize stress management programs in your organization. These programs will equip your employees with different techniques to combat stress.

    • Help your employees bond with each other.

Your employees become emotionally connected to your organization when they are emotionally connected. This implies that to engage your employees; you should help them bond with each other.

For this, you can organize fun activities in your office, take your employees out for monthly outings and gather them every day for some informal conversations during break time.

    • Develop an emotional connection with your employees.

You are the head of your organization. So, your employees cannot be emotionally committed to your organization until and unless they are emotionally committed to you. This implies that to engage your employees; you have to foster an emotional connection with them.

For this, the best way is to have regular interactions with them. You should fix some time every day to have informal conversations with your employees. These conversations will bring you closer to each other and promote your employees’ emotional commitment towards you and your organization.

    • Offer free food to your employees.

Who doesn’t like eating? Obviously, we all love eating yummy snacks, food, and desserts. Imagine if you love working in an organization where you get to satisfy your taste buds for free?

Your answer will certainly be a big yes. The same is true for your employees. They’ll love to work with your organization and give their best at work if you offer free food to them.

Good food, especially if provided for free, will make your employees happy. As a result, they’ll get motivated to serve your organization with the best and become engaged.

Keep Employee Morale High

Your employees are the building blocks of your organization. Their attitude towards work directly impacts your organization’s profitability.

If they aren’t motivated, dedicated, and committed towards work, your organization cannot earn good profits. Further, low motivation, dedication, and commitment are all traits of a workforce having low morale.

We can say that if your workforce has low morale, your organization will have trouble enhancing its profitability. But, if your workforce has high morale, which means that it has a motivated and dedicated demeanor towards work, your organization will naturally reap high profits.

You should work on keeping employee morale high in your organization, and given below are some easy ways to do so:

    • Establish good leadership.

Employee morale is directly impacted by the kind of leadership your organization has.

If the managers and leaders are micromanaging in nature, i.e., they control their subordinates’ ways of working, your employees are likely to feel frustrated. As a result, their morale will remain low.

You must establish a good leadership system in your organization for high employee morale. You should provide proper and regular training to your organization’s managers and leaders to ensure that they follow the best leadership style, uplifting employee morale.

    • Showcase trust in your employees.

‘Trust’ plays a vital role in cultivating high employee morale. If your employees believe that you trust them, their morale naturally remains high. This is because your trust makes your employees feel valued.

For high employee morale, you should showcase your trust in your employees. You should express it in every meeting you have with your employees by using positive words for them.

For example, you can tell them that they are the best, and you have full faith that they’ll take your organization to soar high in success. Also, to showcase your employees’ trust, you should seek their opinions before making any decisions for your organization.

Asking for employee input in decision-making will give them an expression that you trust in their abilities to make the best for your organization.

    • Derive employee feedback.

To have high morale, your employees should be inwardly happy working with your organization. Remaining inwardly happy cannot happen if they have some issues with your organization, its people, or the way of working.

For your employees to have high morale, you have to put your best efforts to resolve these issues. But, for this, you should first know about the issues which are troubling your employees.

To have an understanding of issues surrounding your organization, you can devise anonymous employee feedback.

True anonymous feedback will give you complete access to what goes inside your employees’ hearts, and you can take the desired steps to resolve their problems.

Focus on Building Customer Loyalty

“Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.”- Chip R. Bell.

These words by Chip R. Bell clearly highlight the power of having loyal customers. If you cultivate a huge troop of loyal customers, your business will definitely experience an increase in profits.

Loyal customers are precious treasures of your organization. They keep coming back to purchase your products and services. Not only this, they advertise your business to their friends, offer their honest, positive reviews to them, and stimulate them to purchase your products and services.

We can certainly say that to enhance your organization’s profits; you should focus on building customer loyalty. Now, here are simple ways to do so:

    • Provide the best products and services to your customers.

Providing the best products and service is the most effective and certain way of earning customer loyalty. Your customers will naturally become loyal if you provide the best products and services to them.

You should offer such an extraordinary quality of products and services to your customers that they cannot even think of switching your products. Believe me, if you do so, you’ll have your customers coming back over and over again.

    • Have regular interactions with your customers and seek their feedback.

Forming an emotional connection with the customers is one of the simplest ways to gain their loyalty. To build an emotional connection with your customers, you should have regular interactions with them through different social media channels.

You should not necessarily update your customer about your products and services — this practice can become annoying. You can post different posts on general topics, wish them on festivals, and enhance their awareness about social issues.

A general topic post of interest can develop an emotional connection with your customers.

Seek feedback from your customers about your products and services. When a customer has input into your organization, they will feel cared for. The customer will help you know about their problems and complaints about your products.

By resolving all such problems and complaints, you’ll retain your customers and earn their loyalty.

    • Offer perks to your loyal customers.

When you offer perks, it is a simple way to enhance customer loyalty.  For example, if you have a loyal customer who always comes back to buy your products, then you can offer him a special discount after making some consequent purchases of the same product from you. By paying attention to purchases and offering a perk, you can make your loyal customers happy and enhance their loyalty.

    • Train your employees to offer excellent customer service.

Let us consider that you have an option to choose between two hair salons. Both offer the best hair treatment, but one is a little costlier than the other. The costlier one has employees who treat you cordially, behave well, and make you feel special. But, the other one has employees who appear indifferent.

Which salon will you choose? Your answer will most certainly be – the costlier one, where you are treated cordially. You would choose the higher-priced salon because of the way the service provider treats you matters a lot.

You can bear a little high cost to be treated well. The same is true for your employees. If you treat them well, they’ll choose you over your competitors and stay loyal. Take the time to train your employees to offer excellent customer service to your customers — and lead by example.

    • Follow target advertising practices.

Target advertising practices can work wonders in helping you earn customer loyalty.

To help you understand how to target-advertise, let us consider that you have an ice-cream parlor.

If one of your customers regularly comes to your parlor to purchase chocolate ice-cream, you can send him personalized emails with special offers on chocolate ice-creams. This kind of target advertising will stimulate your customer to come back to your ice-cream parlor to buy his favorite ice-cream again and again.

By following target advertising practices, you can enhance customer loyalty.

Shoulder Your Corporate Social Responsibility Well

Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as a type of business self-regulation wherein you aim to pay back to society, employers, and the environment who help your organization sustain itself.

If you shoulder your corporate social responsibility well, perform good deeds for society and the environment, you’ll emerge as a company. Your company will be known as one that not only aims to make profits — but also takes care of society, the environment, and employees.

As a result, more and more people will get to know about your organization because of its good deeds, and you’ll gain new customers. This will lead to an increase in your organization’s sales, and its profits will definitely increase.

Customer Service Retention (CSR) activities cultivate your organization’s positive image in the customers’ eyes. This stimulates their loyalty towards your organization. As discussed above, loyal customers play a vital role in enhancing your organization’s profits.

Enhance your organization’s profits; you should shoulder corporate social responsibility well and payback to society.


Enhancing profits is a dream for every business organization. Although the task may seem daunting, you can accomplish it by implementing the effective strategies mentioned above.

All these strategies are easy to implement. The journey is long — so you’ll have to be patient and persistent.

Now, wishing you all the best to succeed in your endeavor of enhancing your organization’s profits.

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